Paris Terror Attacks: #PorteOuverte

Friday the 13th, an evil day as is an evil act as is we are here at AtoZ Forex shocked by the news that the heart, the love capital of Europe has been subject to series of brutal terror attacks.

Paris terror attacks are  deliberate act of barbarism not only ending lives of over 128 ordinary people but also putting the future of thousands of Syrian and other refugees heading towards Europe.

The French police confirmed the following attacks and casualties at the following locations:
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  • Bataclan theatre – 87 people killed
  • Stade de France – unknown number killed
  • Boulevard de Charonne – 18 reported killed
  • Boulevard Voltaire – one killed
  • Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi – five killed
  • Rue Alibert – 14 killed

Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks

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