P2P lenders adopt affiliate program scheme

P2P lenders aim to attract credible borrowers through its affiliates program. This model is through affiliate deals, whereby a website owner, a blogger, or a financial institution gets a certain percentage of future revenues. All in respective when referring customers to P2P lenders, since P2P lenders adopt affiliate program scheme.

3 May, 2018 | AtoZ Markets – The good thing about affiliate driven customer flow is that its purely based on performance, in other words it means that partners are only compensated after they provide leads or customers that finalize loans on the P2P lenders platform. For P2P lending sector, the lower upfront cost is of utmost important, since other marketing channels such as with search marketing are expensive. Especially when targeting related keywords as “credit” and “loan”.

P2P lending platform provider Lending Club partners with Home Advisor. Home Advisor will provide users with design assistance, searching for pre-screened professionals to contract for work, but the firm provides other building related information.

Lending Club, on the other hand, will provide loans marketed to Home Advisor users, that looking for finance for their home improvement projects. Corporate Strategy at HomeAdvisor, Mr. Adam Burrows made it clear that their partnership with Lending Club is a valuable addition to their existing offerings, as home owners will be eligible to get loans to help them achieve their home improvement goals.

It was also made clear that they are also seeing interest from financial firms due to the potential in marketplace lending. Since many banks are cutting back on lending to customers because of increased capital requirements in the aftermath of 2008/2009 global financial crisis. Thereafter, they had to look for alternatives to monetize their customer bases.

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