OSC warned Venture FX Pro

warned Venture FX Pro, Offshore, Ontario, OSC, Regulator Warning, unlicensed broker, Venture FX ProThe Canadian regional watchdog OSC, abbreviated from the regulator’s full name Ontario Securities Commission, has issued an investor’s warning against an unlicensed solicitor upon its jurisdiction in Ontario Canada. The Ontario Securities Commission has warned the public against doing any businesses with warned Venture FX Pro.

Explanatory, the Panama registered financial entity Venture FX Pro is a commodities and options trading firm, which has been offering its services to clients within the jurisdiction of the OSC illegally. Venture FX Pro has reportedly another office in Hong Kong and mainly deals with the offerings offshore investments, while recommending offshore havens such as Brazil and Panama, the latter where the firm is basically registered. Claiming that these havens offer secure banking privacy legislation, which are even backed by government laws, all for the guarantee of protecting an investor’s holdings. However, the question upon legitimacy and safety remains, hence the Canadian regulator is suspicious of their unlicensed business activities.

From earlier reports it has been undoubtedly clear that the Ontario Securities Commission is doing its best it can to protect the investors of the regional area in Ontario. Especially with the astonishing performance report upon the enforcement activities of the regulator, concluding 22 cases caught for the operative 2014 year. From these cases, the Canadian regulator brought eight cases before court and from the penalized monetary sanctions $73.45 million was proceeded in total.

Relating back to the case of warned Venture FX Pro, the Ontario Securities Commission has disclosed some details about the unlicensed firm, in order to warn the investors against:

Name: Venture FX Pro
Telephone: 00507 836 6202
Website: http://venturefxpro.com
Last known addres: Tower Financial Center, Calle Elvira Méndez, Panamá, Panama
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