Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury Announce a New Educational Partnership

AtoZ Approved Forex Broker, Orbex announces its partnership with the market strategist and analyst, Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury. Which benefits will Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury partnership bring to traders? 

17 October, Orbex –  AtoZ Approved Forex Broker Orbex broker and former ADS Securities PR face, renowned market strategist and analyst, Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury, has recently announced the launch of a new educational partnership. The cooperation is meant to add a new dimension to traders’ learning experience, expand the scope of the market news coverage, and broaden the channels of information.

Details of Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury partnership

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Playing to the individual strengths of each party, Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury partnership helps address the learning and informational needs of traders by maximizing the power of Orbex unique investment solutions. Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury has more than ten years of experience in focusing on foreign exchange and global economic developments, as well as central bank policies and intermarket analysis (global markets relationships). Nour Eldeen is a regular on many major TV networks

The agreement will see the two parties come together to jointly develop the webinar program, providing extensive trading workshops in two languages: English and Arabic. Additionally to that, traders will have an opportunity to watch weekly video reviews and get exclusive daily market insights, containing in-depth analysis of the major financial events. Nour Al-Hammoury commented that:

 “I’m pleased with this cooperation with Orbex, one of my favorite regulated brokers in the region. Through this coordination, we will try to expand knowledge, through seminars, webinars, and research reports. I hope that we can change the current sentiment toward the global markets and to increase traders’ awareness.”

Orbex's presence in the Arabic-speaking countries

The new collaboration extends the growing Orbex presence in the Arabic-speaking countries, bringing the focus on a quality trading education, and reliable, timely information, relevant to traders. Marios Panagi, Senior Marketing Manager at Orbex, says:

This partnership not only continues our brand’s long-standing tradition of working with the world’s most reputable financial specialists but also presents our traders new investing ideas from the very heart of the financial world. Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury partnership is a natural fit, and we are proud to work with a person so committed to making a difference in the forex industry.”

About Orbex

Orbex is an AtoZ Forex Approved award-winning online forex broker, fully licensed and regulated (CySec, FCA, MiFid, BaFin) specializing in the provision of access to the world’s biggest and most liquid financial markets.

Since its founding in 2009, Orbex aims to build the responsible development of the global online trading services market by empowering investors with smart online tools backed by customer service to help them focus on new market opportunities.

If you have any questions in regards to the partnership between Orbex and Nour Al-Hammoury, please leave a comment below. 

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