There is No YouTube Crypto Ban - YouTube replies

There is No YouTube Crypto Ban - YouTube replies on Twitter breaking their silence. YouTube explained that it had not banned any crypto video. It was a mistake!

27 December 2019 | AtoZ MarketsHoliday season was a stressful period for many YouTubers and crypto community overall. Many crypto-related videos got deleted or entire channels got banned on Youtube. The platform removed hundreds of crypto-related videos from popular channels during the last week.

There is no YouTube Bitcoin Video Ban as a rule

Today, YouTube responded that the recent purge of crypto-related videos did not mark the start of a war on cryptography. And it was simply an error that is being rectified.

YouTube responded via Twitter to YouTuber Carl The Moon regarding crypto videos. @TeamYouTube replied to a previous tweet sent by Carl The Moon (@themooncarl) about this, today states: 

"Hey there, it was a mistake on our part during the review process - your video should be reinstated and the strikes resolved. Let us know if you see otherwise!"

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Earlier, AtoZ Market reported about the recent Youtube Crypto Censonrship claims from several popular cryptocurrency YouTubers. A significant amount of crypto content was removed from the platform. A YouTube spokesperson told AtoZ Market:

"With the huge volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong choice. When it is brought to our attention that a video has been removed by mistake, we act quickly to reinstate it. However, we also offer uploaders the ability to appeal the removals, and we'll review the content." 

According to YouTube:

  • There has not been any change in Youtube Bitcoin content policy.
  • The removals were by mistake; They reinstated all the affected videos and removed any penalty to those channels.

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Will It be a Setback for YouTube?

@TeamYouTube admitted the platform error. But many YouTubers felt like a victim. Binance founder and CEO, CZ tweeted:

"This is a good example of setbacks in the short term, but probably good in the long term. Will allow new platforms to emerge with greater freedom. People will create content and post it elsewhere."

This imbroglio may have a positive result this time. But it highlights the importance of decentralized platforms. Because the centralization of platforms like YouTube can be dangerous for content creators who deal with emerging technologies perceived by many to be risky or fraudulent.

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