Ninjatrader expands by adding two new partners

Forex innovation, futures tactics, Ninjatrader, Stealth trader, retail fx, Ninjatrader expandsNinjatrader is one of the fastest expanding trading platform provider/brokerage firm which operates via a vast ecosystem. The platform provider attracts various 3rd party partners for educational and innovative trading development. The platform which is used for direct market access, is convenient for both manual and automated trading systems.

Two new partners have joined the Ninjatrader ecosystem; Futures Tactics and Stealth Traders. Futures Tactics majors in provision of market analysis, training in futures trading and software guidance for optimal trading experience. Their training is based purely on price action and indicator free trading systems, with emphasis on support and resistance levels in highly traded instruments, such as commodities, currencies and futures.

Ninja trader creates convenience for these services since it provides multiple brokerage options and access to liquidity into various markets. Beneficially, the platform provider allows traders the flexibility to access these financial instruments, especially now Ninjatrader expands by adding two more partners.

Stealth Traders also majors in empowerment of traders globally to help them achieve profitability viafree education and access to high quality indicators for market analysis. As the name implies, its methodology revolves around laying in wait of stealth signals, that are in return of very high quality. The firm’s systems are proprietary, developed in distinction of about 30 years of market experience and successful trading.

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