Nigel Farage to return as UKIP leader at a later point?

July 29, AtoZForex – Earlier this summer, 52-year Ukip leader Nigel Farage has left his position after ruling the party from 2006. In his resignation speech, Mr. Farage said “I have decided to stand aside as Leader of Ukip. The victory for the ‘Leave’ side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved.”

Nigel Farage to return as UKIP leader at a later point?

Apparently, Nigel Farage and his supporters are trying to find someone to stand to succeed him as a leader of Ukip , as increased concerns are emerging over the current frontrunner Steven Woolfe and his possible inability to stand. The party’s deputy treasurer, Peter Jewell, has texted to friends on Wednesday night asking them to nominate him so he will be able "to stand and hold the fort for a while" in Nigel Farage’s absence. The original email from Mr. Jewell states:

"Without going into a long story and I am short on time, Steven Woolfe it seems cannot stand for leader and we are in a panic Nigel and others have asked me to stand and hold the fort for a while."

He also mentioned that he needed 50 people to sign a nomination form for him on Thursday, asking the recipient to "sign please and scan it back VERY urgently."

Nominations for the Ukip leader position finish on Sunday, so Peter Jewell could be a little late. His email also mentions the possibility of Nigel Farage to return as UKIP leader at a later point. Even though Nigel Farage, the main Brexit supporter, has stated the reason for his resignation as “I want my life back.”

Questions over Woolfe’s authority as a party member are "ludicrous"

As is appears, Steven Woolfe, MEP for North West England, let his membership slip from December 2014. This has put the leadership competition at risk of being challenged unless he is disqualified from the race. Following on this, senior party officials will reportedly attempt to find the solution to this issue at a special panel on Sunday, the finish day for the leadership race.

The chairman of Ukip Steve Crowther fell into the row, telling National Executive Committees (NEC) members that questions over Mr. Woolfe’s authority as a party member are "ludicrous". He also commented:

“If the NEC or anyone else attempts to use it to affect the leadership contest, the party will be placed in severe jeopardy.”

Steven Woolfe remained undefeated on Thursday, saying that he believed he was "capable of standing until they prove to me that I'm not, which is going to be almost impossible."

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