New Satoshi Nakamoto claim: Chinese citizen claims BTC Whitepaper copyright

31 May 2019 | AtoZ Markets A new Satoshi Nakamoto claim has recently been discussed in the crypto community when a Chinese citizen Wei Liu filed a copyright registration for the Bitcoin whitepaper and original code, authored by Satoshi Nakamoto.

New Satoshi Nakamoto claim from China

The official U.S. copyright archive data shows that Wei Liu is residing in California.

The Chinese citizen, Liu, is allegedly claiming to have created Bitcoin whitepaper and original code, under the Satoshi pseudonym. His copyright registration is dated May 24, 2019, while that of Craig Wright is dated April 11, 2019.

We have not yet managed to find out who Wei Liu is and why he applied for copyright registration. Some believe that it could have been filed to counter Wright’s move and show that anyone can file these claims.

Will new Satoshi Nakamoto claim cause Bitcoin SV price surge?

The filing comes shortly after the notoriously known Bitcoin SV supporter, Craig Wright has been granted copyright registrations for the original Bitcoin Whitepaper with the US Copyright Office. Following this announcement, Bitcoin SV responded with a big spike from $65 to over $190. Allegedly, Bitcoin SV supporters probably started to buy cryptocurrency.

Hours after, it lost nearly 50% to stay around $100 and has remained steady. Later the responded to the crypto community via its press release outlining that it does not recognize Craig Wright as Satoshi.

Earlier it was reported that Wright plans to assign a copyright registration to the Bitcoin Association, that supports Bitcoin SV and owns client software.

Bitcoin founder’s personality remains a secret and creates a lot of speculations around it. As a result, certain bad actors use it in their advantage.

Recently, following the fake Satoshi report on Chinese social media, Bitcoin SV price has surged by more than 65% in less than 8 hours. Allegedly, fraudsters took advantage of the situation and helped Bitcoin SV to raise the price saying that Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto, posing as a Chinese news publication.

Should we expect a New Satoshi Nakamoto claim in the summer? Only time will tell, but it seems quite possible.

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