New Ethereum Exchange Protocol Ready for Use

October 6, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – Will Warren – Co-founder & CEO at 0x announced on September 24, that version 2.0 of the exchange protocol was officially launched.

The new version had gone through various stages of security checks, during the development period, which took over a year.

“that this new system of Ethereum smart contracts is one of the most highly vetted systems on the Ethereum blockchain.”, Warren explained.

Warren stressed that v2.0 marks “an important milestone in 0x’s long-term mission of creating a tokenised world where value can flow freely.”.

The CEO expanded saying that the protocol’s initial version accomplished a few feats, such as “creating beautiful user experiences” and “lowering costs associated with trading,” the newest iteration “brings further modularity and extensibility” to the protocol that allows developers “to address many new use cases.”- as per Warren’s description.

This focus on modularity and extensibility can be partly touched as ERC20 tokens are increasing, and other different token standards are emerging, such as ERC721 for non-replaceable tokens. Version two of the protocol on the other hand, considers this growth and allows users to exchange new digital assets as they arise, according to Warren.

Ox v2.0 Features Explored

The new contract architecture of v2.0, directly includes support for ERC721, ERC20, and other token standards. The team noted that because of the protocol infrastructure’s increased modularity, users could “look forward to trading their ENS names, ERC-777 tokens, and R-Tokens using 0x in the future!”, as per Warren.

Other key features of the recent release are support for different signature schemes such as EIP 712 and Trezor, as well as atomic order matching, which allows orders to be “matched and filled together without needing capital other than ETH to cover gas costs.”

Warren pointed out that the company considered the feedback it got from users in the community, to ultimately “bring a new wave of high-quality projects onto 0x.”.

It is mentioned that the 0x v2.0. was reviewed prior to the Mainnet launch by ConsenSys Diligence- an EDCC auditing service corporation.

The comprehensive audit unveiled that the protocol includes well-written specification documents, in addition to the

The auditors observed that the protocol includes well-written specification documents, as well as a thoughtfully consistent and organized contract repository.

On the other hand, the audit identified as well 25 issues of “varying severity”, 13 of which were addressed by the time ConsenSys Diligence released its report, according to news reports.

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