New Bitcoin SegWit2X Hard Fork is a scam?

Cryptocurrency community is facing threats from all sides. Just yesterday, we reported that Cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Director got kidnapped in Ukraine. Today, we found out that New Bitcoin SegWit2X Hard Fork is a scam. Be careful! 

28 December, AtoZForex Yesterday, we reported that the long-awaited SegWit2X is about to take place today at the block 501451. However, it appears that the new Bitcoin SegWit2X Hard Fork is a scam.  The true SegWit2X that was scheduled to take place earlier in the middle of November has nothing to do with today’s project. The new “SegWit2X” was apparently using the name of a true project to mislead the public – and it did so quite successfully.

New Bitcoin SegWit2X Hard Fork is a scam?

In fact, aside from the same name with the original SegWit2X fork that was canceled, none of the entities that were involved with the true project have had anything to do with today’s fork. Moreover, online reports state that the new SegWIit2X is a separate project that takes advantage of the name of the true fork.

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The new SegWit2X is claiming to have the new design with better replay protection along with 4MB block size. The original SegWIt2x was aiming to upgrade the Bitcoin block size to 2MB. Some of the futures markets for the upcoming fork have already appeared on some of the exchanges, trading at around 0.1 BTC. The official website of the new SegWit2X states that the new B2X tokens are already available on, NegocieCoins, Exrates, and

Jaap Terlouw, the developer and founder of the project, stated that he “promise that all BTC holders will receive not only B2X in the ratio of 1 to 1, but also a proportional number of Satoshi Nakamoto`s Bitcoins as a reward for their commitment to progress.”

Even though the website states that the team plans to distribute one million Segwit2x tokens top the network users, there are no specific details in regards to this matter. Moreover, there was no public announcement that the SegWit2X will conduct 2,000,000-coin pre-mine.

Team behind the new SegWit2X

Following on this, Jaap Terlouw appears not to have any information in regards to his status as a “developer” anywhere online. The business developer of the project, Donna Khuyz, has no active LinkedIn profile. Some online reports state that the archived version of Khuyz’s Instagram profile indicates her as a “Model, Dancer, Actress, and Business Woman”.

Other team members - Artur Bujnicki, Robert Szabo, and Bartosz Kozłowski, appear to be serving as “Senior Software Engineer”, “Core Developer”, and “Business Development”, respectively. None of them have anything mentioned about SegWIt2X on their LinkedIn profiles.

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