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There is a new Asus cryptocurrency mining graphics card

Kristina Frunze | Jun. 29, 2017
There is a new Asus cryptocurrency mining graphics card

Have you heard about new Asus cryptocurrency mining graphics card? Yes, finally this tech giant is aiming to fulfill this spike in demand for GPUs. Cryptocurrency GPU mining bubble is no joke - it is a reality!

29 June, AtoZForex If you are following cryptocurrency news on AtoZForex, you might already know that Bitcoin and other digital currency miners now prefer to use GPUs instead of CPUs for mining purposes.

Cryptocurrency GPU mining bubble

As I have discussed in my previous article about video cards for Bitcoin mining, many hardware producers now are feeling the effect of the surge in demand for video cards and graphics cards.

Previously, Bitcoin miners used mainly central processing units (CPUs) for mining process. However, these days, modern Bitcoin miners prefer using video cards. They claim that using graphics and video cards for Bitcoin mining is more efficient.

Just like that, a lot of Bitcoin miners in Russia have been purchasing numerous video cards for Bitcoin mining.

The similar situation applies to the US GPU manufacturers. The Nvidia and AMD are now seeing the increases in demand like never before. Modern cryptocurrency miners operate by the following principle:

The more GPUs you have, the more digital coins you are able to generate.

Therefore, the users strive to buy as many video and graphics cards as they can. As a result of such crazy demand, the prices of the GPUs have risen at extreme speeds. In some countries, it is even impossible to get one.

New Asus cryptocurrency mining graphics card

As the demand for graphics cards grows, the biggest technology hardware maker decided to launch new GPUs for cryptocurrency market. Asus has revealed its plans to produce the new Mining RX 470 and Mining P106. The GPUs are aiming to serve cryptocurrency miners specifically. These models will be able of handling the energy and heat intensive process of mining.

The release of the new Asus cryptocurrency mining graphics card is definitely aiming at capturing some of the demand in Ethereum mining. According to the announcement of Asus, the new GPUs are "engineered especially for coin mining, positioning the products as capable of providing "maximum mega hash rates at minimum cost".

The Taiwan-headquartered company stated that the RX 470 soon will be available globally. The Mining P106 card will be available only in China and Eastern Europe already in the beginning of July.

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