Most predictable Forex currency pairs in 2017

The Forex market has an uncertain nature, Yet, some of the currencies appear easier to forecast. Today, we talk about most predictable Forex currency pairs in 2017.

AtoZForex Are you in search for a predictable currency pair to trade? We got your back. At first, it is necessary to understand what the predictable pair is.

Such currency pair will normally continue the trend after passing a specific technical barrier or be uncertain and rebounce. Meanwhile, a less predictable pair will trade unevenly, thus confusing and discouraging the trader sometimes.

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Most predictable Forex currency pairs in 2017

Following on this, some of the currency pairs in Forex are easier to predict in comparison to other. In Forex, a lot depends on the political and economic situation in the country. Also, other important factors determine the behavior of the currency pair. These include the volatility and liquidity of the pair, its trading patterns and lines, the popularity of the pair and much more.

Today, we analyze and look at 5 most predictable Forex currency pairs in 2017.


A very unusual start of the list, isn't it? Normally, traders do not favor this pair. But why?

Loonie offers various playing in its favor. When USDCAD is in trend, the behavior of the pair advances. In case we witness a climb, it will proceed to the charted territory to the levels of the previous year.

USDCAD does not specifically move in the exact downtrends or uptrends. Yet, the low levels from the recent past will remain very important during 2017.


The most popular currency pair is poised to hit new lows this year. Moreover, some of the market experts eye the EURUSD parity. In general, the Euro pair enjoys a huge advantage: its behavior is predetermined with old lines. This implies that the EURUSD price levels that the pair experienced in the recent years could provide the direction for EURUSD trading this year.

Yet, the Euro pair does have a tendency for fakeouts or false breakouts. Therefore, be very cautious of the initial breakout.


You might disagree with this pick, taking into consideration huge GBPUSD turmoil in 2016 that includes Brexit and flash crash.

Nevertheless, usually, this pair’s moves are quite predictable in times of high uncertainty. The GBPUSD moves’ ranges are normally wider than in other currency pairs. However, this provides a bigger room for playing the range in your favor.

GBPUSD is also a perfect choice for those, who are in search for breakouts. The Article 50 trigger and the US new administration will most likely bring a lot of volatility for the pair during this year.

Moreover, market analysts are expecting more liquidity. This would allow the big breakouts to take place. Also, market experts say that GBPUSD could hit fresh low records during the current year.


In general, the pair 'Pound –Yen' is trading with quite high volatility. Therefore, it should be traded with lower than usual leverage. Downtrend and uptrend shifts are standard for GBPJP. Yet, they can also emerge very sharply.

In the current year, Pound will be the driver of GBPJPY trends. Nevertheless, Yen also will have some impact on the behavior of the Geppy. Remember, the pair tends to be more predictable when it is rallying.


The Australian counterpart of the US dollar did not stand out as a predictable pair in 2016. Yet, the current year might play the pair very differently. Normally, when Aussie strengthens for a long period, it finishes the trend with a breakout. Moreover, this pair tends to favor downtrend and uptrend, not only a flat line of support/resistance.

Nevertheless, there is always a possibility for some uncertainty in this pair, so be very careful.

Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments section below.

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