Morgan Stanley’s Report: Cryptocurrencies are ‘New Institutional Investment Class’

Cryptos are ‘New Institutional Investment Class’, and the surprises they can bring are yet to come.

Market demands are “motivating” and help the company integrate in the industry.

November 2, 2018 | AtoZ Markets

The investment bank and financial services company Morgan Stanley has recently stated in its latest report, that Bitcoin and altcoins have become a “new institutional investment class” since 2017.

The report that was released in Oct. 31, read that Morgan Stanley, which has recently witnessed a bullish move, depends on the rapid development of cryptocurrency in the market up to the present day.

The document, which carried the title of “Bitcoin Decrypted: A Brief Teach-In and Implications”, shows a strong signal that Wall Street is rapidly embracing Bitcoin in particular.

The report also touched upon the applications and uses of the blockchain technology, such as cross-border transfers, shipping and trade finance, in addition to reinsurance.

ICOs did not see success and STOs have the upper hand

The report discussed as well client demands, which were described as “motivating” to the company, and help them “engage in the crypto industry”.

According to Morgan Stanley as well, most initial coin offerings (ICOs) were not successful, and that the market was significantly moving towards security token offerings (STOs) or regulated ICOs, after the regulatory crackdown on ICOs and the crypto market in general.

As per analysts, the “surprises” cryptos have brought in 2018 as the report described, signals “strong” creation of new funds to target the sector, in addition to the promising future for cryptocurrency.

News reports refer to that researchers kept a positive stance about decentralized technology, which makes the world “better”, as per their description.

It is worth mentioning that the banking giant follows Nasdaq and Citigroup as examples in considering bitcoin trading options for clients, according to the media.

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