MNB discovers Interactive Brokers clone

15 October,, Amsterdam  The Magyar Nemzeti Bank, commonly abbreviated as MNB, emphasis strongly on its overseer activities of the Hungarian Financial market, aside its statutory duties. In a recent published statement, the Central Bank of Hungary has warned all domestic and international investors against a clone firm that resembles to the FCA registered Interactive Brokers LLC.

In more detail, the clone firm goes by the name Interactive Ltd., a very similar name to the officially registered FCA firm Interactive Brokers. Aside the firm name, the clone firm actually consists out of two illicit firms.

The first one is the formerly known as Global Markets Limited, while the latter went by the name Interactive Brokerage Limited. In order to avoid dealings with any of these illicit clone firms, the MNB as released the details upon the firms:

Contact details from the clone firm operating through Bulgaria:

ZIP code: 1000
Webpage: -
Telephone: 24883600
Fax: +359 888 338 053

Additional contact details of the clone firm operating from Hungary:

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ZIP code: 1000
Country: HUNGARY
Webpage: -
Telephone: -
Fax: -

ESMA has been alerted and should you

As the MNB discovers Interactive Brokers clone, the Central Bank of Hungary has already alerted this case to the ESMA. Now, along with a note to the public, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank hopes that investors will avoid making the mistake to commit any funds with these clone firms.

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