MetaQuotes MT5 integrates LMAX Exchange as liquidity provider

LMAX exchange, a multilateral trading facility, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority is now a liquidity provider for MetaQuotes MT5. Which advantages are available for traders and brokers?

13 September, AtoZ Markets – AtoZ Markets found out that MetaQuotes Software Corp is now in collaboration with LMAX Exchange, which is a multilateral trading facility (MTF) for trading Forex, indices, and precious metals.

MetaQuotes MT5 integrates LMAX Exchange as liquidity provider

The MetaQuotes MT5 Gateway to LMAX Exchange will allow brokers, professional traders, and funds to have access to the streaming limit order liquidity, exchange quality execution, and transparent price discovery. Additionally, there will be a ‘no last look’ feature available, which means that orders neither rejected nor re-quoted before implementation.

Nowadays the demand for neutral and clear execution is going up amid brokers and professional traders. Therefore, the new gateway to LMAX Exchange will be guaranteeing that MetaTrader5 delivers its customers the best liquidity, market infrastructure, implementation and real-time streaming market information. As of now, LMAX Exchange is able to provide more than 70 currency pairs and the most popular indices and commodities CFDs.


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The Chief Operating Officer at LMAX Exchange, Scott Moffat, has commented on the cooperation:

“I am very proud of the ongoing working relationship with MetaQuotes and the value it brings to our retail broker clients by delivering leading edge technology and global market access. The MetaTrader 5 gateway to LMAX Exchange is a testament to our joint innovation and commitment to delivering best execution.”

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Companies’ background

MetaQuotes Software Corp was established in 2000 under the MetaTrader trademark. The firm was designing and developing trading platforms for financial markets. As of now, MetaTrader trading platforms are offered by a large number of brokerage firms and banks globally. The new MetaTrader5 multi-asset platform provides tools for trading both in exchange and Forex markets.

The LMAX Exchange is a multilateral trading facility for Forex, with regulation by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The firm offers a transparent and neutral field for hedge funds, corporate players, brokers, banks and asset managers.

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