Meet Andrea Nuciforo: A Future FX leader driven by Results

AtoZForex 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 interviews aim to identify current industry players with a potential to become Future Forex Industry Leaders. Today we meet Andrea Nuciforo nominated for the Future Forex Business Development Leader category;

27 September, AtoZForex – In a rather young industry, the Forex market is characterized by volatility. Due to the continuous changes in the different facets of the industry, ranging from the regulation, technology and the market participants. Similar to most other industries, the backbone of the Forex market consists out of the professionals working for the various FX market participants. It's these people that AtoZ Forex wants to celebrate through its 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 campaign. AtoZ Forex nominated the industry specialists that have the potential to become the future FX leaders, and are at the forefront of shaping the industry.

Meet Andrea Nuciforo, he is one of the current industry's specialists, who aims to leave an indelible footprint in the Forex market. Andrea started his FX career in 2014, working for a small brokerage in Milan, Italy. Since then he has managed to work for various brokers in the industry, and is now the Business Development Manager at London Capital Group (LCG). What inspired him to pursue a career in FX and made him successful as he is today?

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Quyen: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Andrea Nuciforo: "I’m deeply driven by results. I’m constantly in search of a big challenge to meet in order to apply the best tactics for achieving it, at work as in life. I really hate routine and I’m always looking to learn and improve myself."

Quyen: What brought you to the Forex market?

Andrea Nuciforo: "I’ve always had a passion for financial markets. As a child I was fascinated by the comic book adventures of Uncle Scrooge, where he was drawn reading the stock market prices on the old ticker tape or while he rejoiced looking at the bullish charts of his shares, which regularly showed the trend lines going out of the charts and continue rising on the wall.

At the age of 21, I had my markets’ true baptism of fire, when I started to study derivatives such as vanilla options and futures contracts. A few years later, thanks to a friend with the same passion, I switched my focus to the foreign exchange spot market, beginning to study and trade with the EUR/USD currency pair. In 2014, the desire to learn more trading techniques and to connect with professional traders globally, which led me to the other side of the game, joining my first FX trading company."

Quyen: What makes you different from the rest?

Andrea Nuciforo: "I am a resilient person, with a strong competitive nature, seeking for responsibility and professional growth. I read a lot and always look for inspiration from the great leaders or managers. I like to solve problems through simple steps, in order to simplify the work. I have a marked curiosity which leads me to try and understand the mechanical processes and the fundamentals of anything that interest me.

I have a good ability to adapt to change, and I push myself regularly outside of my comfort zone, seeking knowledge and self-improvement. By having a rational mind, I’m not trapped by dogma, I don’t take everything for granted and I often call many things into question; I have a positive mental attitude and, in addition, I’m very stubborn: I give maximum effort when I have to accomplish what I set as a target. In a few words: I'm a hustler!"

Quyen: What was your biggest challenge during the first two years?

Andrea Nuciforo: "Getting started in this industry requires you to study many things, in order to offer a professional approach to the customer, which often has a high level of knowledge. For me it was relatively easy since I commenced with a head start of four years of trading experience, during which I learned the terminology, experienced many platforms, indicators, expert advisors, charts and analysis.

However, on a practical side I suffered when I had to report to managers that were not suitable for their role. Fortunately I learn quickly, and my desire for growth has led me to achieve my targets and I finally solved the problem of working under people not capable or in some cases totally inept."

Quyen: What is the biggest achievement you have had so far?

Andrea Nuciforo: "Currently I’ve already reached some of the targets that I've set for myself, but I still believe that “the best is yet to come”.

However, if I have to choose, one of the best achievement I’ve had until now, it is for sure the weekly live TV appearance I held last year with the most important financial channel in Italy. I had to give a comment about the markets with the focus on currency pairs. It was an amazing experience that lasted four months and allowed me to work side by side with one of the most important analyst in the industry."

Quyen: Is there anyone that you can look back and say hey if it was not him/her I would not be here today?

Andrea Nuciforo: "There are two persons to whom I wish to give thanks. The first is my former sales manager Christopher Papageorgiou, who has always been ready to listen and help me solving clients’ problems in our previous working environment. He taught me many things, the most important of which is to work with a “less appearance and more substance” approach. The second person is a manager, which placed his confidence and trust in my abilities. He allowed me to move to China and afterwards to the UK for business."

Quyen: What do you love the most about your current job?

Andrea Nuciforo: "As I told before, I love this job because it gives me the possibility to meet many professional traders and learn their personal view of the markets and their trading techniques. Trading is my passion, and even though I didn’t trade with a real account for some years, I’m continuing to study and develop my strategies in my spare time.

But what I love the most is the opportunity given to me to travel around the world and develop my mindset for success. I started my career with a small broker in Milan, Italy. Then I moved to Cyprus for two years, where I got deeply involved with this industry. After which, I stayed for almost a year in Shenzhen, China, experiencing a different culture and exploring their amazing country. Now I’ve just moved to London working in the City for an FCA regulated broker. This is very important for me, since I consider myself a modern Marco Polo. If you think about, we can say that he was an amazing commodity trader and a great salesman of his era, since he was able to reach and work directly for the Great Khan!"

Quyen: What is your dream?

Andrea Nuciforo: "I have many dreams, and all of them lead to the financial freedom and to attain stability in life by starting a family. However, for the moment I removed the verb “settle” from my personal vocabulary. Now I’m putting all my efforts to make my dreams come true."

Quyen: Which goals have you set for your career?

Andrea Nuciforo: "My primary goal is to leave an indelible footprint in the industry and I won’t stop until I’ll make it happen. Currently I’m studying Mandarin. China is developing at a very fast pace and I really like the idea of being able to communicate and deal with Chinese professionals."

Quyen: What is your vision of the FX market?

Andrea Nuciforo: "The FX industry is very young and still in development. After the Swiss Franc turmoil, we had a domino effect that changed the scenario in a remarkable way, where some big brokers left the markets and some new brands had the opportunity to reach a bigger slice of the pie. I’ve noticed a change of direction from many brokers: the recent rebranding activities of many firms –removing the “FX” or “FOREX” words from their logos in exchange of more generalists trading terms, states the idea of targeting different kind of clients by offering them more products.

I’m a bit skeptical about this policy, since I think that product line extensions are a bad thing for a brand. It can be lead to losing the firm's focus in the market, especially for the retail FX industry, where the clients are interested in trading a few currency pairs, and in most cases only the EUR/USD."

Quyen: Is there anything you can advise to people freshly entering into the brokerage side of the retail FX?

Andrea Nuciforo: "Like in many other industries, it is mandatory to gain experience and improve step by step. Therefore, it is better not to be picky at the beginning and to find the proper mindset. Even starting in a small and not well-known broker, as I did can determine your success. During our career path it is common to make mistakes, but you should learn from them. It is still a very young industry and unfortunately nothing is guaranteed in the financial sector. You have to learn from the mistakes, especially the ones made by others. Then move on pursuing your own target, but always act professionally and deliver the best service."

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