The Big Picture: MAYZUS rebranding as LiteForex Europe Ltd

CySEC regulated Forex broker, MAYZUS rebranding as LiteForex Europe Limited. What is the bigger picture behind MAYZUS’ rebranding?

10 August, AtoZForex — Cyprus based Forex broker, MAYZUS Investment Company Limited (MAYZUS) has officially announced today its rebranding as Liteforex (Europe) Limited (LiteForex). As of today, the two companies – Liteforex (Europe) Limited and Liteforex Investments Limited will be operating under the same brand.

Even though the firms now work under the same brand name, they still remain separate. As MAYZUS rebrands to Liteforex(Europe) Limited, the broker will still be offering its investment services to EU clients, through the CySEC license and MiFID compliance. Whereas, Liteforex Investments Limited remains to target non-EU clients, offering its services through

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Why now? What is the reason to rebrand as LiteForex (Europe) Ltd?

Today, MAYZUS has officially announced its decision to rebrand to Liteforex(Europe) Ltd:

"Dear clients,

We hereby inform you that Mayzus Investment Company Limited, registered as a CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm) and regulated by the CySEC, that has owned the Liteforex trademark in Europe since 2009, has taken a decision to be renamed Liteforex (Europe) Ltd.

The Company will continue work under the same conditions on the domain name The renaming will in no way affect the interests of the company's clients and does not require any additional measures on their part".

On a different note, MAYZUS rebranding as LiteForex Europe Ltd. has been confirmed by the Cyprus Registrar of Companies in Nicosia. The Certificate of Change of Name was signed on the 13th of July:

MAYZUS Certificate, MAYZUS rebranding as LiteForex

What changes can MAYZUS’ clients expect?

Now, the companies have decided to work under the same brand, as MAYZUS rebrands to Liteforex(Europe) Ltd. It is time to assess what major changes the clients of MAYZUS will experience after the rebranding. Reaching out to the Forex broker, MAYZUS’ Affiliate Manager has clarified that:

“Our client's interest will not be affected in any way. We have changed our company’s name and website, meaning that MAYZUS’ regulation, trading conditions and company rules remain the same.” - Ruslan Gayfullin

Moreover, Ruslan Gayfullin indicated that after MAYZUS rebranding as Liteforex(Europe) Limited, the registered address and phone numbers will stay the same. The two things that will be changed for MAYZUS’ clients are the new website and e-mails. The old website will be redirected to, while MAYZUS emails will still be operational.

Do you have any questions in regards to MAYZUS rebranding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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