Malta Plane crash: French human trafficking probe turns into nightmare

Today at 7.20am a light twin-propeller airplane fell down while taking off from Malta airport. All crew members deceased. How did the Malta plane crash happen? 

24 October, AtoZForex – Shortly after taking off the plane went down and crashed in Malta, killing all five people that were on board. According to Maltese officials, the flight was part of the French customs surveillance program and amid the victims of the accident were customs officials from France.The aircraft was heading to the Libyan city Misrata.

Witnesses' comments on Malta Plane crash

The airplane crash occurred at around 7.20am Maltese time (6.20 BST) as the plane went down while taking off from Malta International airport. According to a witness, “the propeller plane suddenly tipped to its right side and went straight down to the ground”. Edward De Gaetano, an actor, who was waiting for takeoff during the crash commented:

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“We were about to take off, moments before we did from our windows we could see a massive explosion - at first we had no idea what caused it. We quickly realized an aircraft had crash landed. That is when everyone got a bit anxious.”

Spokesperson described the crash as an "accident upon take-off"

The spokesperson from Malta International Airport has confirmed that all five members of the crew died, stating that the investigation is ongoing now. She also identified the incident as an "accident upon take-off". At first, local reports mentioned that officials from the EU border agency, Frontex, were on that twin-propeller Fairchild Metroliner plane. However, the spokesperson opposed it, commenting that there was no personnel on board.

The aircraft was the US-registered plane with the number N577MX. According to the Maltese government’s statement, Luxembourg company rented the aircraft.

"The flight was part of a French customs surveillance operation which has been taking place for the past five months, with the aim of tracing routes of illicit trafficking of all sorts, including human and drug trafficking amongst others”.

Malta’s Bureau of Air Accident Investigation will be investigating the reasons for the plane crash.

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