MALTA AI & BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 calls for the change

May 23, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – The MALTA AI & BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 has taken off today and AtoZ Markets is there as the summit has chosen it to be a media partner to cover the event, renewing the known mutual cooperation between both sides. 
The summit comes carrying suggestions and strategies from specialists and experts, both from the private and governmental sectors, for how to recruit AI and the blockchain technology in our lives today and avail from the facilities they are supposed to provide.

Rig and Max, the organizers of the conference started the conference with a welcoming word, briefing on the blockchain and AI technologies.

Moderated by Beverly Tonna from Blockchain Advisory, the discussion hosted panelists from the blockchain and cryptocurrency venues.

Ludevic Baldan from Calabrio Capital, Wayne Grxti from the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Mariella Baldacchino from E&S Group and Lydia Barbara from Digital Isle of Man.

Global AI adoption requires legal assistance 

The talk first touched on the introduction of the new GDPR regulations and whether there is a point, at which they intersect with AI (Artificial Intelligence), with shedding extra light on the latter.

Baldan explained that he works for promoting the use of AI in Europe, especially in the health care sector, in collaboration with professional firms and official corporations from Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

For obtaining optimum results in their research for knowing how to best employ, the technology for serving real needs of life.

Barbara, the chair of Digital Isle of Man- the foundation that cares for the digital economy of the island handles the educational and ethical side of the AI sphere in the state.

Digital Isle of Man inspects the data it obtains from the statistics it gathers on the island, in addition, those of China and America, as per Barbara.

On her turn, Baldacchino supports the technology by providing legal assistance to those firms active in the industry. Following closely with the governments’ strategies at an EU level, along with how it is in China, E&S Group looks for cooperating with governments, for helping together enabling AI firms to “launch safely”, as per her description.

The AI data and statistics obtained should completely comply with the final updated version of GPDR, as Baldacchino confirms.

The CTO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Wayne Grxti, said that they published in March a “policy which leads them to identify a kind of strategy” in fulfilling their vision, which is today under their focus most, to make Malta “the ultimate AI” effective working place.

It is clear from the panelists, that MALTA AI & BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 pushes the EU and other states of the world, to take the technology more seriously and explore the many benefits it can bring us in today.

The conference is still at the beginning of its first day, promising a plethora of sophisticated ideas in AI and blockchain to implement today.  

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