Look out for the fake FXStreet account manager (Updated)

Just yesterday, FXStreet has warned the public about the fake FXStreet account manager, who has been sending solicitation messages to traders. Did you receive any suspicious messages lately?

26 August, AtoZForex – FXStreet, the Forex media firm, just announced that it has received the information from its visitors about the individual falsely claiming to be a representative of a company.

Fake FXstreet account manager scheme

To be more specific, the names used by the individual are the Jordan Barta and Franco Lombardo. The former appears to be his real name. While trying to get more information on Jordan Barta, we had little success, as his LinkedIn profile has been deleted.

Apparently, visitors have been receiving the promotion from the person who claimed to be the representative of a website. Also, he claimed to be the manager of the accounts. The scheme used by the individual was aimed at collecting the money from loyal traders of FXStreet. Moreover, the individual used fake pictures and information to lure in investors.

LinkedIn profiles were thoroughly researched

The FXStreet’s announcement came in a blog post by a firm, where it is highlighted that the company is not offering any account management services. Furthermore, the company mentioned that any kind of solicitation messages is fake.

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Additionally, the company states that it has researched the issue and identified false social media accounts on LinkedIn that are misleadingly pretending to be providing account management services to the customers. The fraudsters have been asking investors and traders to share their bank details and personal information. The solicitors supposedly have been misappropriating the account pictures from various locations.

As the following measure, FXStreet is asking all the individuals that have received promotion offers from Jordan Barta and Franco Lombardo to contact the company immediately. Moreover, the firm is highly involved in the search for the similar activities and is strongly engaged with informing the officials about any kind of breaches. The company is encouraging sharing any information on fake FXStreet account manager.

AtoZForex has reached out to the officials of FXStreet for any additional information on the case. Carolina May, the CEO of FXStreet, has commented on the case, stating:

"Some of our users reported to us that they either invested or where contacted by this individual Jordan Barta regarding our investment services, a service we don't provide. We reported this to the UK police as the person registered his domain fx-street.co.uk (a domain we don't use and doesn't belong to us) in the UK. The website doesn't have any information, but they use it for the email domain and put our website in their signature.

We encourage people to report this to the police or the FCA in the UK if they were scammed by this individual and we are making this public to avoid more people sending their money to them."

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