London protesters rally against Brexit vote

4 July, AtoZForex – Considering the amount of stiff opposition to the UK’s vote to leave the European union both from home and away, one may be left wondering who voted for Brexit in the first place. Millennials, who have been credited with voting mostly for Brexit made up the bulk of the population in a recent protest march against the exit decision.

London protesters rally against Brexit vote

As London protesters rally against Brexit vote, over 50,000 protesters marched against the Brexit decision down London's upmarket Park Lane Saturday, as many hope the exit will never actually go through. They say they've been cheated by a campaign deceit and false promises, chanting "We are the 48%, no more lies, no more hate." The Leave vote won 52% of the vote, with the "remain" side at 48%.
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Here is some of the opinion from a few participants in the march:

29-year-old Loveday Newman said,

"The votes were called but people were told lies. I understand it's the outcome of a democratic vote but it's still a democracy, and being part of that I hope we can contest the outcome. I hope we remain. I am European. Britain is just stronger in," she said.

Tom Walsh, a 31-year-old factory worker, said he felt the

"wrong thing has happened."

"Both sides have lied. We've been part of Europe for so long -- you can't change anything being alone. And to the EU, we're not racist idiots. They represent a small number of people here. You're always welcome," he said.

Political uncertainty takes a new turn

The country has been plagued with a lot of political tension and economic uncertainty following the vote to leave. The prime minister David Cameron immediately resigned after campaigning vehemently against a Brexit and losing. Ex-London mayor, Boris Johnson was tipped to be his successor following his very key role in achieving Brexit. But last week, Boris Johnson announced to have pulled out of the race to become the next Conservative leader and UK prime minister. And yesterday, another key Brexit promoter, Nigel Farage the main UKIP leader also announced resigned his position, claiming he has achieved his political goal of leading the UK out of the EU.

With all these doubt looming, there is almost no end in sight for UK’s instability.

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