LMAX partners with PrimeXM to create wider liquidity distribution

LMAX Brokers

LMAX exchange has continued its progress of an enhancement to  distribution of liquidity. This will be carried out be widening the service of liquidity distribution from its Tokyo-based matching engine through PrimeXM.

The recent completion of PrimeXM's setup of an institutional grade hosting infrastructure in TY3 created the background for this partnership with LMAX. With XCore execution engine and MT4 servers co-located and cross-connected to LMAX Exchange liquidity from PrimeXM, the liquidity reach now becomes wider.

The multi trading facility (MTF) for FX, LMAX and PrimeXM can now offer a no "last look" liquidity to clients at ultra-low latency. This presents a robust, reliable and consistent execution, whether connecting via MT4 or FIX. Either as a white label solution or through their own MT4 server.

The Head of International Development at LMAX Exchange, Mr. Andreas Wigstrom clarified in the further comment: “Institutional traders in Asia Pacific are an important growth segment for us, and we are excited to offer them exchange quality execution and access to our streaming, firm limit order liquidity from top tier banks and financial institutions, via PrimeXM’s leading technology and dedicated infrastructure in TY3."

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Richard Bartlett, Head of Global Sales at PrimeXM also expressed his satisfaction with the new venture with LMAX, clarifying that the two companies have worked on many other projects in the past and hopes LMAX partners with PrimeXM on future projects. On top of these cooperation, both firms share a similar passion for being leaders in their respective business fields: “This partnership demonstrates both firms’ on-going commitment to extending our market leading services throughout the globe. Any operation that has a presence in the Asia Pacific region can now take advantage of this unique relationship, by connecting to LMAX Exchange liquidity in TY3 at sub-millisecond speeds via the use of PrimeXM’s world renowned bridging and XCore technology.”

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