Litecoin price remains under downside pressure

Litecoin price couldn’t manage to hold Sunday’s high of $91 and fell back to $86 on Monday, introducing yet another bearish trend for the short term.

13 August 2019, OctaFXThe price of Litecoin remains under downside pressure on Monday as the popular cryptocurrency fails to attract any meaningful buying interest.

Litecoin price technical analysis

Overall, a breakdown below the $82.00 level is likely to prompt a further bearish move towards at least the $70.00 level. Only a sustained move above the $130.00 resistance level can secure the fifth largest cryptocurrencies overall weekly outlook.

  • The LTCUSD pair is only bullish while trading above the $130.00 level, key resistance is found at the $140.00 and $165.00 levels.

  • If the LTCUSD pair trades below the $82.00 level, key support is found at the $70.00 and $65.00 levels.

Litecoin price, price of Litecoin


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