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Kristina Frunze

8 February 2018


Litecoin New Core Version Awaits Industry Feedback


While LTC price is hovering below $150, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, has announced the release candidate of Litecoin New Core Version. As of now, the version is awaiting industry feedback.

8 February, AtoZForex The smaller brother of Bitcoin, Litecoin project has updated its core version, according to the latest tweet from the creator of this unique cryptocurrency. The project is also preparing for the release of the update, just awaiting the feedback from the community.

Litecoin New Core Version Awaits Industry Feedback

While the Litecoin project is moving forward with updating its system, the price of the native token of Litecoin, LTC, is struggling to rebound from its dips, now trading at $146.55.

During the past weeks, the Litecoin and Charlie Lee, the man behind the project, have been holding up investors on their toes with promises of some exciting news. Yet, the suspense did not do much for Litecoin price and the digital currency has joined the overall downtrend that has been accompanying the cryptocurrency market lately.

The latest tweet from Charlie Lee:

The popularity of Litecoin has skyrocketed during the spring of 2017, when the cryptocurrency has joined Coinbase. As a matter of fact, that time, some critics have been accusing Charlie Lee of unjustified pressure pushing his creation on the most popular exchange at that time. Nevertheless, Litecoin has managed to defend its position and continued to grow at a steady pace.

Mostly, users appreciated the functionality of Litecoin – it serves well as a means of payment, plus it has fast network that is capable of handling transaction with relatively low fees.

Litecoin Price Fundamental Drivers

Presently, Litecoin proves another strength by being added to payment processing services.

The LTC price pressures emerge on the big side from the OKEx exchange. While this digital currency is widely popular in Europe and the US, the Asian markets still are dominant to dictate the price direction.

The Litecoin Foundation also is taking part in promoting Litecoin, concentrating on the spending side. The Foundation aims to present the asset as a means of payment. This trend might be beneficial for bringing attention to Litecoin.

Yet, it does not necessarily mean that this would boost the price of LTC. Moreover, Litecoin is not perceived as a reserve currency or a store of value. In case the hashing power can be an indicator of success, then Litecoin network is growing at a high speed, while more and more miners are securing the network.

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