List of Brokers with no Brexit leverage change

June 15, AtoZForex Only eight days left till the much anticipated Brexit referendum on the 23rd of June. What measures have most of the Forex brokers taken, in order to prepare for the unpredictable shifts in the market? After AtoZForex’s inquiry, it is clear that many of the Forex brokers have prepared with the so-called Brexit risk management activities.

Are there some brokerage firms, that are not adjusting their policies ahead of the big event? Yes, there are. Some of the brokers decided on leaving the leverages at the same level. AtoZForex team reached out to more than 100 brokers all over the world to get some information about the upcoming event preparation. Below our team presents the list of brokers with no Brexit leverage change.

Trade 360 – No Brexit leverage change

$50 sign up bonus Leverage trade360 AtoZForex 336-280As reported by the Head of Affiliates at Trade 360, Gal Akerman, the company will not change its leverage. AtoZ Forex Approved Trade360 believes that their clients are already sufficiently protected from negative balances:

’The last update received from our Risk Management team here at Trade360 is that we will not be changing our margins nor will we limit our investors for trading on GBP pairs. Most importantly, our (Trade360) clients are protected from negative balance unlike many other brokers we know’

More information will follow…

AtoZForex’s investigation into the Brexit Risk management continues, we are adding more to the list of Forex Brokers Brexit risk management strategies, as we’re still waiting for the replies of the other brokers in the market. If your broker is not present on this list, then you should check the list of the list of Forex Brokers Brexit Risk management StrategiesAre they adjusting the leverage? Will they limit trading on GBP pairs? Prepare yourself for the market volatility amid a possible Brexit in the United Kingdom.

easyMarkets – No Brexit leverage change

brokers with no Brexit leverage changeAccording to Charlotte Day, the Head of Content and Social Media Marketing at easyMarkets, the firm will not change the leverage:

”At easyMarkets we know that for traders this (Brexit referendum) means possible opportunities to make profits but it can also be risky. This is why easyMarkets has reiterated that during Brexit it will continue to offer its traders 200:1 leverage, FREE Guaranteed Stop Loss and fixed spreads on its GBP pairs ensuring that easyMarkets traders can trade this exciting and historic event safely and securely.”

The CEO of easyMarkets, Nikos Antoniades stated:

“At easyMarkets, we will honor our promises to our traders just as we have done during every major market moving event. Just as our free guaranteed stop loss and fixed spreads protected traders during the CHF events of January 2015, so they will protect them during the Brexit.”

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