Lessons learned from Yahoo Verizon acquisition

31 July, AtoZForex – Recently, the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon inspired me to write this article. I wanted to find out what all the commotion was about Yahoo and did some basic fact finding on Yahoo. So, what are the lessons learned from Yahoo Verizon acquisition and how is this related to Forex trading tips? Well, bear with me and I hope you pick up the Forex trading tip by the time you finish reading this article.

The founders of Yahoo Jerry Yang and David Filo started it at Stanford University in January 1994. The website they created was called “Jery and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. It was re-named as YAHOO in April 1994. The name Yahoo is an acronym for “Yet Another  Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Yahoo has gone through various stages of growth and faced its share of challenges. It was one of the few companies that survived the “dot.com” bubble. What I found fascinating were the following facts before me.

Key timings in the history of Yahoo

Lessons learned from Yahoo Verizon acquisition

In 2008 Yahoo believed that the offer made by Microsoft was undervalued. In 2016 Yahoo has been sold for just under ten times the original offer made by Microsoft in 2008. Do you think Verizon got a bargain? In the context of the Microsoft’s offer made in 2008 definitely YES! In terms of the future, time will tell !

Lessons learned from Yahoo Verizon acquisition for Forex traders

The most important forex trading tip is about timing, in the case of Yahoo an opportunity presented itself and was not taken. Why? Only those directly involved can truly shed some light.

What are the forex trading tips?

In summary the following forex trading tips transpire for forex traders,

#1 Forex Trading Tip – Timing

If you do not take the opportunity when it presents itself to you because you were unsure, wait for the opportunity to present itself again and take it

#2 Forex Trading Tip 2 – Emotion & Greed

Never let your ego or greed rule your decision-making process.

#3 Forex Trading Tip 3 – Action

Unless you ACT, you will never know whether the timing was right or wrong.

#4 Forex Trading Tip 4 – Tools

Use your trading tools effectively without emotion to give you the timing edge.

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