LegacyFX New Promotion of Loyalty Membership Program

November 27, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – LegacyFX is excited to announce the launch of their very own Loyalty Membership Program.

While the specifics of a loyalty program may differ between companies the basic principal of them remains the same: they are a marketing system that rewards consumer purchasing and active behavior with a company, thus increasing the customer’s urge to stay loyal to said company.

Some programs offer convenience, credit, prizes, or monetary rewards. Overall, its purpose is the giving of any benefit that would entice the loyalty of a customer.

LegacyFX believes that its program will enable us to maintain a positive rapport with our clientele by incentivizing them to transact, trade, review, and promote using attempt to garner various rewards and branded merchandise. Additionally, we hope to use this as a great marketing tool, as loyalty programs increase growth, help retain customers, and improve reputation.

Our loyalty program is tier based starting at Tier 1 or “Smart” level. To be qualified for the program clients must meet some basic criteria which include having an active account with the company, be fully KYC compliant, transact 1-4 times, have a net deposit of 250, and have traded between 1-9 times over the course of 30 days from the date of registration.

Each subsequent tier following this one has more demanding requirements needed to reach the next level. Though while the demands of each tier get more arduous the higher you go, so do the prizes and rewards offered. Rewards included start from specialized webinars or bonus coupons and range through to branded pens, hats, t-shirts, and backpacks.

Exclusive rewards offered to the most proficient and involved clients are subject to change but currently include personalized Amazon© gift cards.

“We as a company understand the importance of catering to the behavior of our client demographic. Thus, we have developed a strategic plan to present our products in a way that promotes the most optimal activity and buying behavior. We hope this will enable us to better understand what triggers our target audience into investing with us as well as allowing us to retain a positive image with our consumers.”–Mara Porter; Public Relations Manager at LegacyFX.

In summary, clients who believe they meet the requirements for the program may register for the Loyalty Membership Program via the company’s dedicated webpage, www.legacyfx.com/loyalty-program. Registration is also available by contacting one's personal account manager.

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