Japan’s FSA black list includes two FX firms

12 June, AtoZForex.com Lagos – A few days back, Japan’s financial watchdog, Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued a public warning against a public warning against ITCM Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company that operates under the name Platinum Option. The company operates in both Japanese and English language, without necessary authorization to operate in Japan. The binary options industry in Japan operates under strict regulatory oversight, requiring all companies to be duly licensed to carryout such activities in the country. ITCM Pte. Ltd is not duly licensed, hence making its Japanese business activities illegal.

Today, the Japanese regulators have again published an updated black list, this time adding two FX firms to the list of investment companies that offer their services to Japanese clients without having the necessary registration.

The two companies and corresponding information and domain name can be found below:

  • ApuroFX: a subsidiary of Apuro Holdings Limited, offering its services via apuroforex.com. The company does not have a specific location.
  • TradeForex: a brand of NZ FINANCIAL CAPITAL LIMITED, which offers its services via www.t-forexx.com. The company also has not displayed any actual physical location.

As Japan’s FSA black list includes two FX firms, background checks on these firms show that they do not have the required regulation to operate in the Japanese jurisdiction. These two firms join the long list of black listed firms by Japan’s FSA, some of which include: Premium Trading Services Inc. , Bunny-trade Administration Office, Nexttrade Management/Service Office and many more.

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