Is Trump immigration ban legal? Leave this question to US Appeals Court

The new President of the US has decided to restrict travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the US. Now, is Trump immigration ban legal?

8 February, AtoZForex Earlier this month, Donald Trump has signed an order to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. His order has appeared under the spotlight of the Federal appeals Court of the US. Specifically, the latter has questioned whether such restrictions are unfair in relation to people’s religion.

US Appeals Court questioning

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals held an hour-long oral argument. The three-judge panel has questioned a government lawyer whether Trump’s immigration initiative is supported by the evidence that people from the Muslim-majority countries pose a threat.

Judge Richard Clifton has questioned an attorney representing Minnesota and Washington states, challenging the ban. Moreover, Mr. Clifton asked if a Seattle judge’s suspension of Trump’s agenda was “overbroad.” At the end of the session, the 9th Circuit stated it would publish the ruling as soon as possible. Earlier on Tuesday, the court has stated it would most likely rule during this week. Then, the US Supreme Court will be responsible for this matter.

Is Trump immigration ban legal?

After taking over the White House on the 20th of January, Donald Trump has implemented a number of his campaign promises. On the 27th of January, Mr. Trump has banned people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US for 90 days. Moreover, all refugees were barred from visiting the US for 120 days, except refugees from Syria, whom Donald Trump would ban indefinitely.

Additionally, such initiative has triggered a wave of social unrest at the US and abroad airports. Critics stated that such idea is discriminatory against Muslims in violation of the US Constitution and applicable laws.

The Judge in Seattle has suspended the ban order last Friday. Many of the travelers, who had been restricted by the order, quickly moved to the US. The special counsel for the US Justice Department, August Flentje, has stated:

“Congress has expressly authorized the president to suspend the entry of categories of aliens” for national security reasons. That’s what the president did here.”

The legal fight over Trump’s ban concentrates on how much power a president has to decide who cannot enter the US. Moreover, the Court will determine whether the order violates a provision of the US Constitution that prohibits laws discriminating any religion.

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