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Is this the Best New Cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017?

TargetSignal | Sep. 17, 2017
Is this the Best New Cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017?

Some of the top 100 coins did not even exist when we first published the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2017 article. Our quest for of finding the most potential new cryptocurrency to invest this time brings us one ICO that is likely to revolutionize the Wall Street. This post aims to analyze and share our findings for the Best New Cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017 nomination.

Let’s get things straight, cryptocurrency investment carry high level of risk. Meanwhile, there just as much opportunity. Cryptocurrency ecosystem and ICOs have created more millionaires in 2017 than any other industry. The most significant part of this ecosystem is that, you as an investor have the power; banks or other financial entities no longer control your future, you can even shift the price.

The Best New Cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017

This post does not serve as a trade advisory. Like in every alternative investment method, ICOs and cryptocurrency investments carry a high level of risk. Before you take action based on my best new cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017 outlook, you should make yourself aware of the potential risks involved.  Study the whitepaper as well.

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While selecting the Best New Cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017, we have gone through whitepapers of multiple ICOs and focusing on the following elements:

  • Is this ICO reliable?
  • Is this ICO scalable?
  • Is there any reason at all that we could be scammed?
  • Is there any third party audit in that ICO or the project?

As a result, I believe I have found the best new cryptocurrency to invest in October 2017. The ICO for this project is going to be starting already in October, but presale has already started. My ICO choice is the first private trust management platform built on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. The smart contract technology of the platform provides an automated and absolutely transparent system for investing and profit distribution. Thus, I believe Genesis.Vision is going to be the Best ICO in 2017. I am not the only one! I’ve found out that this project has caught the attention of some of the wealthiest cryptocurrency investors. Even a Forbes billionaire is supporting this ICO.

What is an ICO?

Let’s take one step backwards. What if you have never heard of the term ICO, or have heard of it but believe that you can not trust ICOs? Let’s get some explanation.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. In a way, it is a new kick starter or crowd funding. In another word,  ICO is a process of financing project via issuance of cryptocurrency or cryptotoken.

So, the main idea behind ICO and token investments is that the token value grows if the project is successful, much like a common stock or equity in traditional securities market.

As an example, Altcoin literally revolutionized the word ICO. Meanwhile, Filecoin broke records by attracting as much as $200 million within hours for their decentralized cloud storage project. However, the good point for investors is that, once the ICO is over if the coin is not minable, the rest of the coins are burnt. Soon after, these tokens are also tradable at exchanges as well. As a result, demand and supply will define the future price of these tokens.

How to select the Best ICO to invest?

While selecting the best ICO to invest, we always cover a number of points. During ICO selection process for October we have included the following points:

  • ICO Product -  Is it a ready product or an idea?
  • Scalability - is the idea scalable?
  • Reliability - Is the team the product reliable?
  • Support - Who is supporting the ICO and the product?
  • Technology - Is it true blockchain? What are the pitfalls?
  • Platform -  Which platform is this ICO built on?
  • Transparency - Do they provide transparency on operations? Investment?

Indeed, Genesis.Vision’s trust management system has attracted major attention from a number of Fintech leaders. Additionally, based on comments, we have learnt that a well known bullion investor is interested in the project as well. Indeed, if a project has a strong group of pre-ICO supporters it is likely that this ICO will be a success.

Genesis.Vision pre-ICO activities

The team behind Genesis.Vision seems to have put significant attention to the project structure including the step by step activities. On Friday, the team announced the launch of the Pre-ICO sales. However, this pre-sale process is quite different from other ICOs.

They have launched an option program for the ICO participants. So, via Genesis Vision option program, every investor gets a guaranteed right to acquire GVT (Genesis Vision Tokens) at a specified price during the ICO. The option price is 5% of the final investment amount you have in mind.  So, if you are looking for investing $10.000 into Genesis Vision ICO, you can just put in 5% as your guarantee and carry out the actual investment during the ICO itself. shared a lengthy article on how to invest in Genesis Vision.

Furthermore, they are one of the few teams that have initiated a third party audit about their product, service and the coins. Showing a sign that the team is serious and confident about their product. Perhaps, they could even be the ICO of the year, in my opinion.

I will try to settle a short interview with the founding team in the coming days to bring more about this cool and innovative project. Is there anything specific you would like me to ask?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of AtoZ, nor should they be attributed to AtoZMarkets.