Is there any Artificial Intelligence based Forex trading strategy?

Regulators are already tapping into Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance their market oversight activities. How about the retail side of the Forex market? Is there any Artificial Intelligence based Forex trading strategy?

1 November, AtoZForex - It is said that 'Change is Inevitable'. This platitude applies also to Forex market, as Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world.

What has changed in the Forex market?

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In the last century, Forex markets have developed at a colossal pace. The days when traders gathered at trade floors and shouted their requests are now gone. Currently, around 99% of the traders utilize the electronic trading platform, even though veterans would concur that they may never have envisioned this to happen. From costly full-benefit brokers to discount agents, from Manual ordering trade to Algorithmic exchanging, from Tape readers to Automated Charting software’s and platforms - numerous things have changed.

Artificial Intelligence based Forex trading strategy is expected to be a vital part of cutting edge trading. Intelligent machines would supplant any sort of manual intercession. AI Forex strategy is anticipated to beat the dangers of passionate parts of exchanging like greed, fear, and emotions. These machines would learn from every trade they execute and powerfully change their basic decision-making capacities. They would be prepared to follow up on all the economic situations.

Traders would not go up against each other, rather these machines would!

How may AI apply for Forex Trading Strategy?

Expanded models Dimensions: Market patterns and charts will probably be identified and extrapolated into the future.


This option considers money and time as two distinct dimensions. It tries to forecast an estimation of when and where the pattern will end later on by means of regressions models. In addition, it includes these forecasts as an exit strategy from the holdings.

Multi-model abilities: These features allow to significantly reduce the time of handling, where the CPU resources are not used as largely as before. This is especially helpful, as the capacity of utilizing numerous models as a part of one same strategy is drastically expanded. Moreover, the cost for executing is decreased, as the more models to simulate and prediction of chart and pattern behavior, the more automated the trading is.

The probabilities of taking Forex trades are now nearly seen. Right now, in view of the models, the traders must make a moderate profit with an accuracy of 75-80 %.

There are cons and pros of artificial intelligence trading system but in the future, it has the potential to advance. An artificial intelligence trading system is a definitive type of curve fitting, and it is great at discovering designs where the human's eye can't.

The artificial intelligence trading systems can't translate the news or identify where the genuine resistance and support lines are, as it is significantly more than basically discovering the highs and lows.

AI-based Trading software on market :

A number of companies claim to be using artificial intelligence Forex trading strategy. However,  many of these sites just leverage on the name or just the cool sound of the artificial intelligence.  We have recently tested a unique artificial intelligence based news platform which provides private news for every user. This platform will be going live end of 2016 and will be a game changer for people of all backgrounds.

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