Is Bitcoin a Threat to the Global Economic System?

Bitcoin is a revolution in the global currency system. However, no central authority controls it; therefore, bitcoin might be a threat to the global economic system. In the whole section, we will see what Bitcoin is and how it can affect the global economy.

23 April, 2020, | AtoZ MarketsBitcoin’s price is now zooming up with a massive speculative bubble or its popularity is increasing as actual foreign currency. No person seems to understand the logic behind the price development of Bitcoin. Within three months, the price of Bitcoin moved over $10,000 from $4,341 at the start of the year. It is far, nevertheless a fantastic run.

The expansion of the use of Bitcoin may put a threat to the global economic system as it does not require any middleman. So, it is a big question for investors- Is Bitcoin a threat to the global economic system?

Bitcoin is not a Traditional Currency

Bitcoin is basically virtual or electronic money. In essence, there are various other kinds of electronic money, consisting of numerous “wallets”. What makes Bitcoin unique is that it is not backed up by any government or a primary financial institution as controlling authority. It has miles created, transacted and tested all the use of computational and cryptographic strategies in a wholly allotted way. Computers or nodes inside the Bitcoin’s blockchain carry out these operations and work through nodes within the system to legitimate transactions. Underlying the Bitcoin structure is blockchain technology, perhaps the most overhyped topic today. Bitcoin, therefore, brings together several incomprehensible troubles like cryptography, mathematics, and ultimately, cash!

Bitcoin a Threat to the Global Economic System

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in the world. Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash are popular also. Furthermore, there are more significant cryptocurrencies in use than just these.

History of Bitcoin

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, wrote a paper wherein he specific how currency might be created and maintained without a government. People can use these currencies without the help of fiat currencies. However, it might depend upon computational power and allotted set of computers to verify all transactions. These computers or nodes might maintain the record of these transactions, which is known as a public ledger. Every node of the system might then have a duplicate of this ledger. Therefore, all ledgers would have all of the transactions involved, making it almost impossible to make a fraud. Nakamoto then proceeded to create the initial set of 50 Bitcoins, known as the Genesis block, which have been signed together with a private key.

The cryptographic part of Bitcoin is quite easy. Everybody who either buys or sells Bitcoin or creates Bitcoins – wishes a non-public key. It is a string of numbers acknowledged to only the human. Nakamoto walked away from the Bitcoin network in 2011, handing the jogging of the Bitcoin system over to others.

The impact of Bitcoin on the Global Economic System

Bitcoin is a new and innovative currency system that is entirely different from the traditional system. Therefore, it might be challenging for the world to accept the bitcoin as a currency. 

Let us see whether Bitcoin a threat to the global economic system or not.

#1 International Investments

Many buyers are adding cryptocurrencies into their portfolios. That is most probably because the allocation of bitcoin may increase possibilities to enhance portfolio upside.

A small allocation to bitcoin can considerably boost the cumulative fairness of portfolio allocation while only impacting its volatility.

Alternatively, some professionals are also having an ongoing-challenge about the Bitcoin disintegrate. Therefore, it may spark an international economic crisis. However, buyers see cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation.

#2 No Middleman

Bitcoin as a whole allows peer-to-peer digital transactions among counterparties. It does not require a mediator in contrast to conventional foreign currency. Therefore, transactions are confirmed in a decentralized nature.

This fact has made banking institutions questionable, as it gets rid of the want for his or her carrier. What is extra, transacting via cryptocurrencies is much quicker because it bypasses through more than one hand.

#4 Abroad Transactions

Considering that plenty of people residing in international locations around the world with vulnerable economies. Bitcoin comes with the availability to engage them with the global economic system.

So, people who stay in usually much less evolved nations have a threat to connect to the global economic system. All this is wanted is a practical way to make transactions everywhere inside the world.

In the final three months of 2019, every day, almost 287,492 Bitcoin transactions happened globally. The transaction is rapid, transparent, confidential, and comfy. Moreover, transaction charges can be lower priced than in traditional fee structures.

#5 Reduces the Reliability of Fiat money

As a decentralized currency, Bitcoin reacts differently at any economic and political troubles that may affect traditional currencies. This is where Bitcoin works as virtual foreign currency as an alternative for fiat money.

Today, customers have come to be reliant on digital transfer as a handy means to pay for services and products. The use of Bitcoin as a charging method can lessen the reliance on traditional or authorized money.

#6 Variation in Transactions

Cryptocurrencies do not require any use of the U.S. Dollar. The worrying events of a financial transaction are given alternatives to participate in the global economic system. Therefore, it may circumvent U.S. financial guidelines.

It may seem like a hazard to the government as the U.S. dollars act as the reserve currency for the global economic system. Therefore, it enables more significant international transactions.

#7 Regulation of Bitcoin

Now that Bitcoin has grown to be popular, each regional authority sparks off to grapple with their financial rules. In this manner, banks are operating hard to place this advert financial system to manage. Particular countries have exceptional strategies to cryptocurrency; some of them ban any or all activities concerning Bitcoin.

In assessment, a few others use it as a method of payment. As an example, in the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union accepts cryptocurrencies.

#8 Easy to Access

Bitcoin permits a right of entry to a reliable credit function since it is a type of unregulated digital currency. If the price stays stable for an extended period, it will be able to make a bridge among the global traders.

Hence, it will open new markets and new opportunities to contribute and sustain inclusive growth within the global economic system. The greater thrilling is that Bitcoin does not require any charges for transactions. It is attractive for its customers and people who are considering the usage of it.

#9 Global Remittance Firms

Overseas remittance drives financial boom in rising economies. On that manner, many people around the arena paintings remote places and regularly send money to their families.

At present, these fiat currencies are controlled by intermediaries that charge extra expenses for transaction amounts. Additionally, the transaction procedure is so gradual and takes several days. In that sense, Bitcoin comes as a spot-changer.

Bitcoin a Threat to the Global Economic System

People can transfer Bitcoin throughout the world securely. It makes the overseas remittance procedure a lot simpler and cheaper. Today, more than 10 Bitcoin providers have started remittance offerings, along with Ribbit, BitPesa, and Abra.

 #10 Next Generation Crowdfunding

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not complete without mentioning ICOs. In 2017, it turned into the talk of the generation city as it has ended up the primary crowdfunding technique. This new approach of crowdfunding permits groups to elevate capital within the shape of cryptocurrencies.

What occurs in ICO crowdfunding is that the traders buy cryptocurrency coins that constitute stocks. Consequently, the stocks have the potential to increase in really worth if the organization does appropriately. It has referred to as crypto fairness crowdfunding.

This new generation of crowdfunding has come with an extraordinary idea that can help inventors, entrepreneurs, and creators.


The potentiality of bitcoin is enough to say that people will welcome it as a revolutionary change in the economic system. However, in terms of security and regulation, Bitcoin is still questionable as it is related to the most sensitive part of the economy, money.

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