Introducing Zeply, a New and Improved Way to Buy, Send and Store Bitcoin at The Touch of a Button

March 2, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Digital Freedom is combining cutting edge technology and the power of cryptocurrencies to allow people take back control of their finances. Zeply, an Estonian owned Crypto Exchange regulated and licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence unit, is now available across all European markets. This new, revolutionary product is a simple and secure way to buy, send and store bitcoin. With such pioneering technology, Zeply is designed to enable their users to go from fiat to crypto in a matter of minutes on real-time market conditions.

Zeply, which is compatible with IOS and Android, believes in the freedom of movement, the freedom of money and the power of cryptocurrencies. Offering bitcoin transactions with 0% fee and an easy to use interface aligns with its commitment to making Bitcoin the people’s choice of currency.

According to the founding directors of Zeply, the new Crypto Exchange was designed to make Bitcoin adoption a viable and secure experience for new and well-versed members of the crypto sphere.

Zeply was launched with one purpose in mind - to make bitcoin transactions as simple and secure as possible for people who want a hassle-free experience with instantaneous transactions. At Zeply we marry top of the range technology with high- security features such as 2-Factor-Authentificationthat makes our platform one of the easiest and safest ways to buy, send, and store Bitcoin.”

Signing up for Zeply means you will take advantage of:

  1. Quick & seamless KYC process
  2. A custodial wallet. As a Zeply customer you always have access to your account with no chances of losing your funds due to private key loss.

Setting up a Zeply account couldn’t be easier, allowing users to transfer money from their Debit or Credit card instantly. It is possible to become an active member of the cryptocurrency community by following these simple steps.

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Before signing up to Zeply, you will need a valid Passport for identification purposes, a secure internet connection and a European bank account.

  1. Sign up with Zeply & Verify your Zeply Account.
  2. Buy with Credit or Debit Card.
  3. Start using Bitcoin.

Zeply puts a strong focus on security, and users have access to 24/7 support who are on hand to help with all queries regarding transactions and their account to ensure peace of mind for all Zeply users.

Zeply places the power of money in your hands, we stand as a transparent platform that places primary focus on its community of users. Take the opportunity to invest in the future through innovation and an easy-to-use interface, Zeply grants you full management of your funds.

As a platform for the people, we respect and follow all laws and regulations set in place to protect the customer. While also urging all individuals to question the status quo of power and the distribution of wealth. Zeply encourage a culture of independence. Question everything. Help shape the future.

For more information contact Zeply at [email protected] or simply click here for all your queries answered.

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