IBM Releases Blockchain Platform on Cloud Service in Australia

February 12, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – IBM a multinational technology company headquartered in New York, United States, with operations in over 170 countries made its blockchain platform available out of the data center located in Melbourne, Australia. According to the representatives of the corporation, this will allow their customers run their apps on IBM’s cloud

Australia is a new Blockchain hub?

The IBM platform is supported on Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger is large collaboration that is hosted by The Linux Foundation and includes IT giants like IBM, SUP, Intel, financial institutions J.P.Morgan and Deutsche Börse, engineering companies like Airbus and Daimler and a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related startups. The project purpose is improving the interbranch blockchain technology. As the press reports the IBM data center based in Sydney will open at the end of March and will be joined by other centers in Tokyo, London, Dallas, São Paulo, and Toronto.

The head of the IBM blockchain in Australia and New Zealand, Rupert Colchester, said in a recent interview that the main reasons for a second center are availability and redundancy of the company products. Colchester noted that with the “creation of physical infrastructure, customer data will not have to cross borders” noting that this will provide “security for regulated applications in government and financial services.” Speaking of Australia, Colchester explained that blockchain technology is widely used and “largely active” in all industries. He said the following:

“At present, I have very few educational sessions, but there are many discussions in which clients try to figure out how they can best apply this to their business problems.”

In conclusion, the head of the IBM blockchain in Australia and New Zealand added the following:

“Customers who implement blockchain applications have reached the maturity of projects that require data storage in Australia.”

The blockchain technology provides new energy solutions

Last September, the major Australian real estate firm Vicinity announced plans to test their blockchain-powered solutions for the solar energy management network. Through a partnership with Australian energy technology company Power Ledger, testing has become part of the $ 75 million Vicinity solar energy project at Castle Plaza, the company’s mall located in Adelaide, South Australia.

IBM is actively expanding its use of blockchain technology. On January 31, IBM completed the blockchain-based test, during which it sent 108,000 mandarin oranges from China to Singapore. Technology allegedly reduced paperwork and shipping costs.

On February 8, IBM announced the launch of a project to use the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to combat drought in the US state of California.

IBM SweetSense, a provider of research and sensory technology in partnership with the University of Colorado at Boulder and the non-profit foundation Freshwater Trust, uses the blockchain and IoT to manage groundwater use.

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