IBFX cease forex operations

4 March AtoZForex, Lagos – Following initial reports about the acquisition of IBFX’s clients by OANDA, the deal has now been finalized, as IBFX cease forex operations. The website of IBFX is still accessible, but now only displays the notice that its is out of operations. OANDA and IBFX entered an agreement for the acquisition of IBFX Inc. (TradeStation Forex) clientele base.

The website of the firm now reads:

Important Notice:

Dear Client,

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IBFX,Inc. (IBFX) has recently made a business decision to no longer operate as a forex broker dealer.

It has been a pleasure serving you as your forex broker and we wish you well. If you have any questions about this notice please contact our Client Services team via the phone at 800.822.0512, or if you are calling from outside of the United States at 1.954.652.7900.

You may also contact IBFX by email at [email protected]


The IBFX Team

Ed Eger, President and Chief Executive Officer, OANDA said about the deal:

“TradeStation Forex clients are used to top technology and a broker that puts them first. This will continue with OANDA. Our shared values on these crucial matters were a key reason for striking this deal, rather than any others we’ve recently considered. These new clients join a rapidly growing OANDA community at a time when market volatility is high. We’re showing our new clients why OANDA is known for innovative tools and technologies to assist the FX trader as well as exceptional execution and client service. We’re confident that both professional and part-time traders will be happy at OANDA. In fact, we’ve even arranged for introductory free access to some of our advanced services used by elite traders.”

TradeStation access

IBFX (TradeStation Forex) is the forex dealer firm subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc. In relation to the new deal, IBFX cease forex operations. Yet, TradeStation Technologies will offer to the IBFX customers free subscriptions for a real-time TradeStation FX platform, which will now be integrated with OANDA’s forex price feed who opt to onboard on the OANDA transition. That is for those clients who agree to onboard on the OANDA transition. This will give such customers continued access to perform research and analysis on TradeStation FX, such as specific strategy designs, strategy testing and optimization.

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