Hungary wants Greece border protection by EU forces

14 September,, Lagos – Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime minister has faulted Greece for the refugee crisis in his country and has been calling for the need for the European Union (EU) to deploy forces to the border of Greece.

In a meeting held on Friday with Manfred Weber, the chairman of the conservative European people’s party in the EU parliament, Viktor Orbán said: “If Greece is not capable of protecting its borders, we need to mobilize European forces to the Greek borders so that they can achieve the goals of the European law instead of the Greek authorities. That is one of the foremost goals“.

Calling for Greece border protection, the Prime minister also indirectly called upon FRONTEX (the European agency) for the management of operational cooperation at the external borders of the member states of the European Union. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were the four countries that refused the proposed program of the European commission powered by President Jean-Claude Juncker for Resettlement quotas of refugees from Greece, Italy and Hungary.

Hungary’s inhuman treatment of refugees

Further complicating the issue is Hungary’s inhuman treatment of the refugees, and this has put Orbán on the spot for criticism by his EU-partners and the international media. Viktor Orbán refused refugees  using trains and sent thousands of people to Australia on foot last week.

He claimed that Hungary is facing a “rebellion by migrants”. Also he declared on Friday, that border crossers will be “immediately arrested” with effect from next week on. After a stricter immigration laws must have taken effect. He further claimed that the Hungarian authorities has been faced with rebellious act from the migrants.

NATO bombing of Libya to blame?

Most of the refugees on the Balkan route come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, some come from Somalia and other African countries. Although, it is believed by some analyst that the migrant situation was all caused by NATO bombing of Libya, a few years back.

Others opines that if the problem is fixed, all will be back to normal. While some others said that Viktor Orbán did all that was legally possible, thereby upholding and fulfilling the Country’s international obligations.

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