HSBC Blockchain Technology to Track $20 Billion Worth Assets

HSBC aims to move $ 20 billion worth of assets to the digital vault backed by Blockchain Technology till Mid 2020. It is one of the most significant deployments yet of the widely-hyped but still unproven technology by a global bank.

28 November 2019 | AtoZ Markets – HSBC has its own blockchain-based platform, known as the Digital Vault. It said that it would provide investors with real-time access to the registers of securities bought on private markets. And it aims to capitalize on growing interest for these investments by investors eager for return.

HSBC Expects Private Placement Value of $ 7.7 Trillion by 2022

Banks and other financial companies have invested billions of dollars in finding uses for a digital ledger. That can be updated instantly and seamlessly. Few of them, however, have found practical or widely used applications. Proponents argue that the blockchain will upset the financial sector by eliminating expensive processes or the need for intermediaries. But there have been few solid examples of such revolutionary use.

The HSBC platform will digitize paper records of private placements, using blockchain to reduce the time. It takes for investors to make checks or inquiries about their holdings. Records of so-called private placements are generally kept on paper and are not standardized, making access difficult and time-consuming. HSBC currently manages up to $ 50 billion in assets.

It is not yet clear, however, how much the project could become transformational. HSBC has not been able to quantify the amount that could be saved by the platform for the bank or its customers. The demand for private debt and equity investments has grown significantly in recent years. Investors seek higher returns in a world of low-interest rates and technology companies, in particular, avoiding examination of public procurement.

HSBC expects the total value of private placements to reach $ 7.7 trillion by 2022, a 60% jump from five years ago. Over the same period, it estimates asset management client allocations will rise from 9% to 20%.

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HSBC’s Global Banking

Ciaran Roddy leads conservation innovation at HSBC’s securities services arm. He said interest in private placements by US and UK insurers, as well as Asian and Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, is on the rise.

“With some of the returns that we offered, we certainly see an increase in demand,” he said. The news comes in the face of an expected reshuffle in HSBC’s global banking and markets division. In there, Noel Quinn, the interim general manager, will seek to reduce costs and improve the company’s returns.

Windsor Holden is an independent consultant who tracks blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He said, “it was unlikely that significant savings would be realized in the early stages of projects such as the custody platform. I would not expect to see huge savings or huge efficiency gains announced in the first year up to 18 months.”

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