How Zeply is Set to Change the Payment Sector

March 30, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Cryptocurrency promised a revolution, and a revolution is certainly what we are observing. From disrupting the current financial system to revolutionizing the way we transact, beyond its fluctuating nature, Bitcoin has the potential to completely transform the way we use money.

Zeply, a leading European Crypto Exchange is making it easy for the ever-expanding community of crypto enthusiasts to be front and center in the evolution of currency. They believe that the future of money is here and are excited to be leading the way in accelerating the acceptance of digital currency across Europe.

“Bitcoins Speculative Nature”

The valuation of Bitcoin has had a meteoric rise. The price per coin has seen exponential growth thus far in 2021, and over the last 12-months the growth rate is close to 500%. Furthermore, the 52-week range is an astonishing $4,000 to over $57,000.

Now take it back and digest the events of the last 12-years, it raises the question; is Bitcoin a bubble? The price fluctuations that have unfolded and the notorious times of volatility have added to the excitement and overall value that the digital asset has to offer. From steep ascends to staggering drops people have reason to think Bitcoin is a speculative frenzy. Still, the cryptocurrency is known for all-time highs after a dramatic price crash and recent events are increasing the likelihood that Bitcoin is here to stay.

“The Future is Cash-Free”

The current pandemic, the desire for freedom and the need for convenience are propelling a shift towards a cash-free society. While cash will always be accepted as a form of payment its “cash is king” status has started to fade.

As people embark on the transition from traditional to digital, we are living through a global social phenomenon that is driving governments, businesses, and consumers to rethink how they manage their financial models. Digital payments are becoming more conventional, and consumers and retailers alike are increasingly going cashless for even small-currency transactions. The use of crypto owned debit/credit cards are paving the way for the new “king” of the financial world, offering a solution that is not only convenient but at the same time safe, it also enables individuals quicker, cheaper transactions without the need for a middleman.

A Company Paving the Way

“Zeply was launched with the sole purpose of making Bitcoin easily accessible to a wider audience. Through offering the power of cryptocurrency with 0% fees on a fully secure and dynamic platform we allow people to embrace the full potential of the “crypto movement” and enable users to be a part of the future of money.”

Effortless KYC Process

When signing up for a Zeply account you will need to submit a copy of your identity documents. Zeply don’t believe in over complicating procedures, with a KYC process faster than any seen on the market, they make the verification process less cumbersome – Account verification time of less than 1 business day! Once verified you have the complete freedom to manage your assets anytime, anywhere.

Innovation & Security at the Core

Marrying cutting-edge technology with robust security features such as 2FA, Zeply built a versatile platform that never impedes on security. They are a custodial wallet granting users higher security and access to their account with no chances of losing their funds in the case of private key loss.

Banking the Unbanked

Make the change between digital and traditional currency in a matter of seconds. Buy, transfer, or store your Bitcoin with Zeply and experience firsthand a platform for the future – eradicating the need for a middleman, Zeply the “everyone” platform paves the way for a crypto future.

The future is Bitcoin, be a part of it in three simple steps.

  1. Sign up with Zeply & Verify your Account.
  2. Buy with Credit or Debit Card.
  3. Start using Bitcoin.

For more information contact Zeply at or simply click here for all your queries answered.

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