How Two Part Boxes Are Made

March 5, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – There is a wide selection of boxes with different sizes and colors. In this edition we are looking at how two part boxes are made and how they are used.

Bear in mind that two part boxes are also often referred to as two piece boxes, which means exactly the same. Since this type of boxes consist of two parts; a lid and a bottom part. Yet what are the two part boxes made off? What is the difference of having a two part box with or without windows? Find out about this and more about two part boxes in this explanatory article.

What materials are two part boxes made of?

In the category of two part boxes, you can differentiate it between paper two part boxes and cardboard two part boxes. It is obvious that the cardboard material is more sold and for larger two part boxes. Whilst the paper material two part boxes is usually weaker and used for smaller size boxes. The thickness of each material can be chosen and depends on the client ordering.

How two part boxes are made?

In essence, there are standard and custom sizes of two part boxes, which are usually measured as x length, x width, x height. The first step for a manufacturer is to choose what material to use to create the two part box, which varies from paper sheets to carton sheets with different thicknesses.

Secondly, the manufacturer creates cuttings forms for a particular two part box size. These cutting forms are made first on a digital design, which shows where the sharp knives are aligned, along with the rubbers to create folding lines. Afterwards, the manufacturer will create the physical cutting form, as you can see in the example below.

Two part boxes, cutting form

The third step is to use that cutting form in a cutting machine, which are large machineries to cut the carton sheets or paper sheets. There are two types of cutting machines; one is a manual one which a person needs to manually press the machine down and up, whereas the other option is an automated cutting machine, which is normally more expensive.

Difference between two piece boxes with or without windows?

Two part boxes can come with windows and without windows. Below is an example of a two part box without a window. This is commonly used by people or companies which are printed on the top lid their logo or images.

Two Part boxes without windows

Besides printing the two part boxes with your logo or other motif, there are two part boxes with PVC windows. Boxes with such a window contain clear PVC sheets, PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride, which is a rigid, heavy enough structural plastic. Actually, PVC is commonly referred to by its chemical marking letters – PVC.

This plastic is quite common and was previously well known as “viniplast”). These PVC sheets are sold often loose, but the manufacturer of two part boxes glues them to the two part boxes, which happens through an automated or manual process. Below is an example of a two part box with window.

Two part boxes, PVC windows

What are the advantages of these boxes? 

A two-part cardboard box stands due to the fact that it is a great and unique way to present your product, gift or other items. On the ecological side, cardboard boxes can be easily reused or recycled. Nowadays, it is very important to stay ecological and strive to protect nature and your environment. Choosing to use recyclable packaging for your trade or personal pursuits is a great step towards a cleaner future.

For that purpose, two-part cardboard boxes are durable and airtight, so you are free to store larger and smaller items in it. On the first impression, two part boxes may appear not that strong, but due to its way of folding, the two-part box will remain strong and stable. To sum up again the benefits of two part boxes, see the bullet points below:

  • Easily adaptive and representative boxes for various purposes;
  • Ecological and durable boxes;
  • Can be made with paper and carton sheets;
  • Easy to fold;

What are the disadvantages of these boxes?

Besides advantages of two part boxes, there are also disadvantages, below are some of the cons listed about two part boxes.

  • Two part boxes cannot hold very heavy items like tools or equipment, it would break the box when transporting or moving. Lighter objects are preferred for storing in two part boxes.
  • Also sharp items needs to be prepacked before it can be placed inside two part boxes. If not it can easily create cuts into the material of two part boxes.
  • There is a limit to how large a two part can be produced. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to create a two part of a bicycle size or anything larger. The material and the two box itself would not be able to hold it together. Usually the size is correlated with the weight of the products, which are possible to store and pack in two part boxes.

What are these boxes used for?

The usage of two part boxes is very wide, and it can range from little gifts to larger products like bed sheets.

  • For decorative packaging for personal or B2B Gifts;
  • Smaller products like Jewelry, toys, gadgets, accessories;
  • Larger products like pillows or fluffy items;
  • For food, confectionery or medicines;
  • Clothing can be stored with branding in two part boxes;
  • And more possibilities for usage!

Due to the many possibilities and easy to production of two part boxes, many firms and people order their custom two part boxes with various designs. For such individual projects you can contact a producer such as AgamaBox.

This concludes the explanatory article about two part boxes. Hopefully, for any of the upcoming holidays or occasions, you have a better understanding of how two part boxes can be used. If you still have questions about two part boxes, then feel free to ask it in the comments section below.