How to use AtoZ Markets Daily Free Forex Signals

AtoZ Markets –There are 48,000 traders using AtoZ Markets Free Forex Signals almost every month meanwhile these signals generate 500 – 1,500 profit opportunities. However, many keep on asking “How to use AtoZ Markets daily Free Forex Signals?”

This guide is meant to answer your Free Forex Signals questions. I will also show you how to get daily Free Forex Signals through; how to use daily Forex Signals, and how and when to open positions; how and when to close positions and much more.

To start with, Yury Safronau is the mastermind behind AtoZ Markets’ daily free Forex signals. With his Ph.D. in Finance, he is a full-time professional Forex trader and a private fund manager since 2009.

Types of Forex Signals

AtoZ Markets daily free Forex signals are provided in the form of pending orders (buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop) around 0:00 GMT (+/-3 hours). These signals are valid until 21:00 GMT. If a pending orders is still open at 21:00 GMT, we will cancel this order.

However, sometimes there are swing orders. These orders are True Fibonacci Waves orders. These signals are often valid until triggered. For such orders, we will always inform you in advance.

In order to be able to get daily Free Forex Signals in email, you must register on Since May 2016, all signals subscribers confirming to receive Free Forex signals receive an email notification each time a signal is posted on the website. Please note that you must log in to be able to see the signals.

Each day we will send you 2-4 signals for major currency pairs. Of course, 99% of them will be pending orders.

AtoZ Markets Free Signals Structure

Each Forex signal consists of an exact entry-level, a Stop Loss (SL) level, three (3) Take profits (TP) levels and entry size. Entry size is always referred to as “usual entry size” thus, you need to understand the risk involved.

We use TP1 as an indication when to put Trailing Stop. Thus from TP1 onward you should use a trailing stop. Once again only after TP1 is reached, we use a trailing stop. The size of the Trailing Stop differs depending on the currency pair.

TP2 is a minor target that the pair should achieve during the day. In case, the pair stops around TP2 level and technical or fundamental background changes, you should consider closing your order at TP2.

TP3 is a major and final target for our currency pair to achieve during the day.

Entry size level is a recommendation of the amount of lots your position can be opened with from a money management point of view. The usual rule of money management in Forex is that you should never risk more than 2% of your deposit in one trade. If the entry size below the signal says “Entry size: 1/2 of usual entry” it means you shouldn’t risk more than 1% (usual 2%*0,5) of your deposit in such trade. You should choose the appropriate lot size which in case of Stop Loss triggering results in not more than 1% deposit drop.

Furthermore, I produce most of our free trading signals on M15 or H1 time frames. So, if you want to follow our analysis, you should plot M15 and H1 time frames on your chart.

Now, register on and make sure to follow our Free Forex and CFDs Signals. Make sure to test the signals first on a demo account with one of AtoZ’s Approved Forex Brokers.

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Please note that these signals are my entries. You should always consider doing your research too. Trading Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies carry a high level of risk. You should never invest anything more that you would be willing to risk.

I am actively following AtoZMarkets twitter and answer questions related to our trading signals. If you have any question direct it to me on @AtoZ_Markets on Twitter.

Happy trading!

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