How to trade Bitcoin with Forex brokers

The recent headlines read ‘Bitcoin hits fresh high’ and also ‘If You Invested $100 In Bitcoin In 2010, You’d Be Worth $72 Million Now’, but we hear you say, ‘How can I buy a bitcoin or how do I enter automated bitcoin trading to make the most of the current bitcoin trend?’ Learn here how to trade Bitcoin with Forex Brokers.

5 June, is fully regulated and provides a trustworthy and secure platform to trade on with great leverage and spreads, and it has Bitcoin as of its 2,000 trading assets. allows traders to go online and invest in bitcoin, not by purchasing cryptocurrency but by trading on the Bitcoin CFD, the Contract for Difference.

How to trade Bitcoin with Forex brokers 

The Bitcoin CFD mirrors the real asset so traders don’t buy real bitcoins but trade on the bitcoin stock movement in the market. In the 2017 Bitcoin trend, traders have seen major highs and major gains in bitcoin stock. This is due to the vast amount of stock brokers who are buying and selling bitcoin with a Forex broker and trading cryptocurrency for profit as the price rises and falls.

At, trading in bitcoin with a Forex Broker is slightly different with intraday CFD trading. First, get registered and after compliance approval and depositing funds, go onto the trading platform on MetaTrader4 or WebTrader to find bitcoin under the virtual Forex list. Click on the bitcoin instrument in WebTrader where the chart and bitcoin formation ‘cube’ will show you how much bitcoin is buying for and how much it is selling for. The difference between these 2 prices is a spread; the spread is the fee charged by the broker. For those traders with more experience, viewing the Japanese candlestick chart is very interesting when dealing with a trend such as the current one on bitcoin.

Now you can open an account on to trade bitcoin. offers useful Bitcoin analysis tools

From May 2016, bitcoin has been on a constant upward trend for a year, gaining 150% in 2017 alone up to mid-May. However, a trend cannot be relied upon to keep its upward or downward movement, therefore analysts use tools to work out predictions, this is where offers useful Bitcoin analysis tools on both WebTrader and MetaTrader4.

One of the most useful analyst tools for trends is the Moving average convergence divergence (MACD), an indicator that follows the Bitcoin trend and shows the relationship between two moving price averages by subtracting the 26-day EMA (Exponential moving average) from the 12-day EMA.

How to trade Bitcoin with forex brokers Figure 1: Bitcoin CFD, MACD Trend on WebTrader

There are 90 edit tools for users of the WebTrader that will allow you to analyze the bitcoin trend, including the popular Bollinger Bands trending tool. Once you can see a pattern emerging, the WebTrader trading platform allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using a stop-loss.

A stop-loss means that if your trade does not meet your end prediction, you have stipulated how much you are prepared to fall before stopping your position. The minimum trade allowed on is 1.00 unit and the maximum leverage for bitcoin is 1:10, and as this is a virtual currency, trading is around the clock from Sunday 21.05 to Monday 21.00 GMT.

How to trade Bitcoin with forex brokers Figure 2: Bitcoin CFD, Bollinger Bands on WebTrader

Bitcoin news on Legalizing Bitcoin & the Bitcoin Scaling Agreement

As well as using analysis tools, it is also important to keep looking at the news as the rally on bitcoin is not purely down to bitcoin investment but more about why traders are selling and buying Bitcoins. So far in 2017 in the news the bitcoin currency has gone through many changes from legalizing bitcoin use in Japan, to China being on a Bitcoin uptake race; from the Bitcoin, Scaling Agreement increasing transaction capacity, to major attention from US institutional investors and even Russian bankers pushing to legalize the cryptocurrency.

The fastest way to buy and sell bitcoin CFDs and all forex currencies are through CFD trading. On you can participate in trading bitcoin with a Forex Broker to take advantage of the Bitcoin trend by using the daily news, analysis and trend tools to understand bitcoin trading and analyze where this trend may go next.

Trade the Forex market with to take advantage of investment in currencies and Bitcoin.

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