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How to prepare for Cisco 200-150 certification exam? | May. 12, 2019
How to prepare for Cisco 200-150 certification exam?

May 12, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - Learn how to prepare for the Cisco 200-150 certification exam with the PrepAway IT courses. The Cisco 200-150 certification exam is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates on data center networking concepts, data center storage networking and data center physical infrastructure.

The individuals taking this test are required to gain mastery of the concepts, knowledge and skills covered in the certification content. This exam leads to the award of the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center credential. It is very crucial to focus on the exam objectives during your study before writing the test. In this certification guide, we provide the general overview of with the aim of equipping you with the fundamental knowledge of its content.

Cisco 200-150 certification exam details you should know

200-150 exam is made up of between 55 and 65 questions and the students have 90 minutes for its completion. It is worth mentioning that the test can be written only in English. When it comes to preparing for the exam, the candidates have a range of resources that are available on the Internet. To register for Cisco 200-150, the students are required to go through Pearson VUE. You will have to pay the exam fee.

Cisco certification exam objectives

The exam topics cover five general sections and each topic has a list of objectives that the candidates need to understand and study to excel in the test.

The first section is Data Center Physical Infrastructure. It covers about 15% of the exam questions and is focused on five different objective areas. To gain competence in this section, the individuals must learn how to describe various types of cabling, limitations, and uses. Secondly, they should able to describe different types of transceivers, their limitations and uses. Thirdly, the students need to be able to identify the physical apparatus of a server and be able to carry out basic troubleshooting. Additionally, they must be able to identify the physical port roles and understand how to describe power redundancy modes.

The second section of the exam topics covers Basic Data Center Networking Concepts. It accounts for about 23% of the test. The candidates are required to learn how to compare and contrast TCP/IP and OSI models. They should also be able to describe the classic Ethernet fundamentals, involving Forward, Filter, Flood and MAC address table. The individuals are expected to learn the technicality involved in describing switching concepts and performing basic configuration, such as STP, 802.1q, Neighbor discovery, Port channels, CDP and LLDP and Storm control.

The third section is Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts, which also covers about 23% of the exam topics. This part includes a couple of objectives that the examinees are expected to develop competence in. The individuals should understand the basic routing operations and be able to describe and demonstrate IPv4/IPv6 addressing. They also need to learn how to compare and contrast dynamic and static routing. In addition to this, the test takers should have the understanding of performing standard configuration of SVI and routed interfaces. They also need to know how to compare and contrast First Hop Redundancy Protocols, involving VRRP, HSRP and GLBP. The students should be conversant with the knowledge of comparing and contrasting general data center network architectures covering 2 Tier, 3 Tier and Spine-leaf. Besides, under this section, the candidates need to explain the uses of access control lists in performing basic traffic filtering. Finally, one needs to learn how to analyze the fundamental concepts and components of accounting, authorization, and authentication.

The fourth section covers Basic Data Center Storage and it makes up about 19% of the exam. Under this part, the test takers are expected to be able to distinguish between the file and block-based storage. In addition, they should have the required ability to describe the function of VSAN and the roles of FCoE/FC port types. Besides, the candidates should know how to explain the addressing model associated with block-based storage protocols, including iSCSI and FC.

The last section is focused on Advanced Data Center Storage and it involves about 20% of the questions. The candidates are required to develop competence in describing the FCoE concepts and operations covering DCB, Encapsulation, Topologies, vFC and Single hop, Dynamic and Multihop. The individuals should explain Node Port Virtualization, zone types and their usage. In addition, they should also develop the capacity to validate the communication between the target and initiator, including FCNS, FLOGI and active zone set.

Preparation process for Cisco certification exam

There are various study tools that the students can use for their exam preparation. Cisco has made some recommendations and they can be found on the official exam page. There is an option of classroom training, which is designed to offer a comprehensive explanation of the exam content. Cisco has a number of authorized learning partners. They provide instructor-led classes across the world. You might want to check the Cisco center in your region to know the availability of such training for you. There is also the e-learning option, which covers self-paced training courses online. The candidates can explore various online platforms that offer courses for the Cisco 200-150 exam.

One more crucial preparation approach is the use of practice tests and practice labs. Cisco recommends that the applicants strengthen their skills in a series of hands-on lab environments during their preparation for the test. You should check the official exam webpage to explore the resources available on this.

The practice test is also very critical to your exam success. There are various platforms that have practice tests and exam dumps that you can use for your preparation. For that, check some reputable platforms, such as Prepaway, PrepAway, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection. Prepaway, for example, is one of the most popular exam dumps provider among candidates. It offers a wide collection of files in vce format to enhance your preparation process. The dumps you find on the Prepaway website contain questions and answers and help you reveal the topics you need to focus on. Prepaway’s dumps are of high quality as they are created by the real exam takers and verified by IT experts. In addition, they help you train in almost the real exam environment as such files are opened on the VCE Software. If needed they can be converted to pdf format, thus, such exam dumps are very convenient to practice on the go.

To sum up, Cisco certifications help you boost your career and find your niche in the IT world, and CCNA Data Center credential is not an exception. Though Cisco exams are tough, having proper preparation on Cisco website and such website as Prepaway will equip you with the required knowledge and skills. As a result, you’ll pass 200-150 exam successfully and become a Cisco certified specialist. Wish you success!

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