How to become a self-disciplined trader – Part 3

8 April, AtoZForex, London – This is the last and final part of the guide on becoming a self-disciplined trader. By now you should have gotten rid of all the distractions, while assessing your daily, weekly and monthly routines. If not, then go back again to the first part of the guide and go over the forex tips again to get back on the journey to becoming a self-disciplined trader.

In the second part of the guide, the two entities that are hidden within you were introduced, Mr Plus and Mr Minus. It’s up to you to force the manipulative Mr Minus, who knows about all your fears and weakness, to the background. Meanwhile, it is vital for you to increase the control of Mr Plus, which can be achieved through building a routine, creating a trading plan, utilizing a Forex trading journal and other tactics.

Mr Minus will always try to distract

If you followed the advice of the second part of the guide thoroughly, a proper routine is now in place and you have focused Mr Plus what to do! However, bear in mind that trading the Forex markets is a solitary profession and quite often, the trading conditions for Mr Plus to place a trade are not met.

Remember that it is during these times that Mr Minus will do his best to distract Mr Plus again, doing all its might to get back in the foreground again. Hence, Mr Minus will tell Mr Plus, that the Forex strategy is really is not working for you need and that you have to try something new. Mr Plus is easily led, as I told you in the second part of the guide, Mr plus is a nice person, this results in Mr Plus “grass-hopping” and gets out of a routine. The key here is to not let Mr Plus distracted, YOU are a SELF-DISCIPLINED trader.

A tool to keep Mr Plus control and focus

Therefore, part 3 of the guide on becoming a self-disciplined trader contains a brief and helpful infographic. This tool is aimed to help you to get Mr Plus focussed again, while nullifying all the distractions of Mr Minus.

You are a self-disciplined trader, infographic Click to zoom in on the infographic


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