How Spread Betting Can Offer Opportunities for Confident Gamblers

November 20, 2020, | AtoZ Markets – When it comes to betting, there are many options out there for those that wish to place money on their opinion.

We have traditional betting, where you wager against a bookmaker and can use free bet offers from websites such as We also have the betting exchange to back or lay against other people and another option available for players is to place spread bets.

Spread betting can be split into two categories. The first is financial spread betting, which is basically a tax-free alternative to the stock market. Rather than buying or selling on the market, you place bets on whether stocks and shares will rise or fall.

The second is betting on sports but using spread markets. The basics of this are simple, you choose what you think will win and bet on a line, the more the selection wins by, and goes above the line, the more you win.

Spread Betting vs Financial Markets

For many, the stocks and shares markets offer the traditional way of playing the financials, however spread betting is an alternative that is certainly growing.
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First of all, spread betting is tax free, allowing those who keep up to date with the latest Forex news the chance to earn money via betting rather than share ownership or stock prices. This is not taxed and is treated the same as winning a sports bet with your bookmaker.

Although you are betting rather than buying, the same instincts and knowledge can be used. If you have an opinion on something happening, either positively or negatively, you can either buy shares or place bets on shares going up or down.

The other big advantage to this is that you can place your own bets, rather than paying for a broker to make your trades and buy what you want them to.

How Big Can Spread Betting Grow?

With many advantages, both big and small, to using the spread betting markets instead of the stocks and shares markets out there, this should be something that we see continue to grow.

There is one thing that may keep this growth relatively small though and that is the traditional feeling of buying shares and trading on the stock market.

This is something that many people will have done for years, and an area where they have great knowledge. Although betting can use the same knowledge, the process of betting is different.

We may see people reluctant to move across because of this, but with a little persuasion and the realisation that spread betting is a solid alternative with upside, more will eventually move across.

Spread Betting on Sport

One area where the financial spread betting sites may be able to look at is what sports spread betting companies are doing.

Betting on sport in the traditional sense is very popular, while spread betting on sport is still growing, so it almost exactly mirrors the financial markets and financial spread betting.

Sports markets in big leagues such as the Premier League allow gamblers to buy and sell things such as goals, corners, bookings and much more inside a game that is taking place.

These are incidents in games that people will place bets on in the traditional sense, but they can be more rewarding if placed on the spread betting markets.

Getting their message out to players is not easy, just like it isn’t easy for those looking to get people moving across the financial spread betting markets.

However, with a strong message, we could see both sports and financial spread betting rapidly grow in popularity over the coming years.

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