How AI changes the Forex industry

May 20, 2019 | AxioryWhen it comes to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the benefits it can bring to our society, people often tend to feel insecure at best. One of the reasons behind this is that most of us will immediately picture scenes from Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator or iRobot where the machines functioning on AI come nowhere close to helping people. Another source of insecurity is a more tangible one and is connected with the predicted changes to the job market that automatization will most likely cause.

Whatever the reason for these sentiments might be, today we’ll show you that Artificial Intelligence is not something to be afraid of and that you can actually benefit from it even in a Forex sector. But first, we need to introduce you to a younger and slightly more attractive sister of Artificial Intelligence. She is called Augmented Intelligence and you wouldn’t believe how much she improved customer experience when it comes to Forex trading.

Artificial vs Augmented intelligence

The main aim of Artificial Intelligence is to catch up with human intelligence and act as a replacement. As frightening as it might sound, scientists are actually nowhere near to achieving this and therefore machines with Artificial Intelligence are currently used only to replace the most mundane tasks on assembly lines. Scenes, where robots are taking over the planet and enslaving the human race, are therefore highly exaggerated (at least for now).

Augmented Intelligence, on the other hand, helps people with amplifying their own intelligence by lending them a helping hand, for example with data processing. Thanks to Augmented Intelligence, human experts are able to work with massive amounts of datasets and use them to improve our everyday lives. From less congested city streets or a better evaluation of patient’s health to face recognition programs. This leads us closer to our cause and that is the customer verification process.

Online identity verification programs are recently becoming a standard when it comes to customer verification process implementations. Using a machine learning feature of AI, the validity of customer data are being evaluated. Applicants that are perceived a suspicious are then evaluated by Augmented Intelligence and ID experts which prevents onboarding friction connected with manual evaluation. This leads to a faster verification process and more positive customer experience.

Implementing Jumio and Curfex – Axiory enters the new era

“Axiory Global Ltd. has been always keen on trying new things when it comes to technology. Implementing Jumio verification system which uses a combination of Artificial and Augmented intelligence during the customer verification process is no exception. Each ID or driver’s license is scanned automatically and every dataset obtained is then verified by a combination of both said technologies. The outcome is not only a significantly faster and more convenient registration process but also a brokerage with trustworthy clients with the lowest probability of fraudulent activities possible.” says Axiory co-founder and a shareholder Mr. David Kasper.

In a Forex business industry, few attributes are more important than that of speed. Changes in market trends can happen almost instantly and you want to be ready to react to them. Being stuck in a registration queue for several days is not the way you want to go. People behind Axiory Global Ltd. are aware of that and they are able to provide its clients with trading conditions that will help them to experience the ultimate trading freedom.

According to Axiory Global Ltd. director Julia Oliva: “It’s not only the implementation of a verification process that makes Axiory Global Ltd. a brokerage that is able to swiftly react to the ever-changing environment of the Forex industry. It’s also the services we are willing to provide to our clients in order to not only meet their criteria but to surpass them.”

This statement can be confirmed also by a recent implementation of a Curfex which is a payment service that allows its users to transfer their money internationally while using their domestic wire transfer. This modern payment method is known to be gaining popularity in Japan and other Asian countries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trader from Zambia who wants to trade using 1:400 leverage or a Forex enthusiast from Vietnam demanding secured trading conditions – Axiory Global Ltd. is simply a global player who is willing to play by the local rules.

About Axiory Global Ltd.

Axiory Global Ltd. is a privately held company, established in 2012, with its head office in Belize City, and its core business is the provision of online brokerage services for private and corporate traders with Forex and CFD leveraged products via its portal.

Axiory Global Ltd., IBC No 127090, is a company authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize.

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