Can Hillary Clinton still become president in January 2017?

On the 19th of December, electors will gather and vote for the US president. Considering the confusion around the Trump’s victory, can Hillary Clinton still become president?

11 November, AtoZForex –  There is still a chance for Hillary Clinton to become the next US President. As in the middle of December electors of the Electoral College will meet and vote for president. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton won 228 electoral votes during the US election polls, whilst Republican Donald Trump 290 electoral votes. Which is more than the minimum of 270 electoral votes required to become a president.

How powerful is voting on December 19?

According to the Constitution of the US, selected electors of the Electoral College are the actual people who will be voting for president in their state capitals as they meet on the 19th of December. Based on the law, nothing should prevent electors from voting their conscience and rejecting to support the candidate to whom they were tied. Alternatively, electors can refrain from voting (‘faithless’ elector) altogether.

Yet, it is reported that ‘faithless’ elector is a very rare occasion with 99 percent of electors usually voting. The most recent instance when elector went faithless occurred in 2004. A voter in Minnesota refused to vote for Democrat John Kerry and voted for John Edwards. However, the abnormal vote didn’t have any significant impact on the final results. Bush was still elected winning 286 electoral votes. Furthermore, faithless electors are prohibited in 29 US.

Can Hillary Clinton still become president in January 2017?

Considering that Republicans’ degree of dissatisfaction with Donald Trump is relatively high, several Electoral College voters can go rough on the 19th of December. Chris Suprun, Texas’ elector, said in August that he “finds Trump so unpalatable he’d consider voting for Clinton when he gets to Georgia’s capital on December 19”.

In order to beat Trump, above 20 electors would need to vote for Clinton which is a daunting task. Even if this happen, which is unlikely, the new Congress that is made up of 239 Republicans vs. 192 Democrats, will hold a meeting on the 6th of January, 2017 to confirm the Electoral College vote. They would certainly vote to avoid any fraud, giving the victory back to Trump. However, let’s wait until December and see if electors try to review the Electoral College system.

Referring to Hillary Clinton, she seemed to view the scenario of electors voting for her being unlikely. She stated that Americans need to accept the results and look into the future, collaborating with Donald Trump. She also congratulated Donald Trump and proposed to work with him to achieve the best outcomes for the US.

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