Hicky DAPP Review unveils high potential

Our best ICO pick in October, Genesis.Vision enabled investors get as much as 40x ROI. This time, we have identified a unique pick. Hicky DAPP review outlines reasons why we believe Hicky.io has high potential to succeed.

First thing first, I am not an expert in the core industry of Hicky, my findings here is purely based on expectations. Thus, my research mostly looked into the finances as well as existing flaws within the industry and how blockchain technology would resolve those flaws. It turns out, the online dating industry has a number of flaws, such as fake profiles and frequent hacks. Who is not afraid of being hacked anyway?! but imagine your private messages haunting you 10 years after you got married. Well, Hicky DAPP aims to eliminate that risk!

Hicky DAPP Review

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What is Hicky?

Hicky DAPP is a blockchain powered dating platform

Does Hicky have a working product or MVP?

As of this writing yes. So I contacted the Hicky team via the live chat, asking if there was a beta to test. The reply was yes, which I could see very promptly. The fast response over the live chat was fantastic.

As a summary of the Hicky DAPP review we could say the following:

Hicky is a decentralized social engagement platform embracing the opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology. Combining technology with strong token economy, founders aim to create an open and transparent social aka dating platform. The Hicky platform aims to offer a competitive alternative to some of the closed-network conventional platforms.

Put differently, Hicky is a decentralized social platform that encourages good behavior. In addition, the platform guarantees a complete safety of the personal data. No data is saved on a central server.

Hicky ICO Vision

The team behind Hicky project believes that the foundation of any relationship is built on trust. Thus, it is vital to guarantee the highest level of trust across all channels of interaction.

Hicky project solely focuses on the romantic relationships in the context of trust.

Problems in the industry

Some of the modern online dating applications still tend to face a major problem that is related to an incentive mismatch. The platform owners are looking into monetizing users via engagement, retention, and the selling of data. However, users are seeking to find the desired partner and leave the platform.

Additionally, some of the legacy platforms experience a lack of privacy and the occasional mismatch between users. Also, a general lack of trust in regards to the validity of information about users is existing.

Finally, the issues of spam and fake profiles are also profound in some of the dating applications.

Solution by Hicky DAPP

Hicky project uses Blockchain technology with the purpose of creating a network with an underlying token economy. The project aims to encourage users to behave good or “do good”. The issue of privacy and data safety is solved thanks to the use of a decentralized database. In this database, all user data is secured through encryption.

A decentralized approach (Whisper Protocol) is also utilized for the purpose of messaging. Messages via Hicky are not only private, they are also contributing to the spam elimination. This is done with the payment for the misrotransactions for the interactions.

Verification via Hicky system will work through two factors: biometric identification process and matching. The former includes the scan of the face and voice check. Such system will effectively prevent the use of bots. It will also significantly contribute to a creation of a network of trusted participants.

Hicky ICO review

Hicky DAPP Review - How will the HKY be used?

The native token of Hicky HKY will be used for the functionalities within the system. These will include messaging and verification processes.

Hicky ICO review

Hicky ICO Team

The team behind the Hicky ICO project consists of people with multiple years of experience in online dating, online marketing, and Blockchain technologies.

Julian Fuchs - Business Strategy

Julian is a tech entrepreneur, who is responsible for creating an efficient structure within the Hicky project.

Patrick Schwetlick - Product Development

Patrick looks into integrating his knowledge of online dating to the product development.

Lisa Lamina - Community Manager

Lisa is a product designer. Her mission is to build the Hicky community.

Kian Schreiber - Blockchain Strategy

Kian is a Blockchain strategist. He is responsible for the token economics.

Dusia Lewandowska - DApp & Testing

Dusia is a social media expert, who is leading the product development of Hicky project.

Christian Gorgas - Smart Contracts & Product

Christian is a product-focused blockchain expert.

Björn Barthel - Growth Hacking

Graham Stone - Web Content

Eric Reinhardt - Technology & Design

Danny Endert and Samed Sulanc - Technology

Hicky ICO Token Allocation

Hicky ICO review

  • Public Contributors - 60% will be allocated to the Public Contributors who send ETH, BTC, BCC to the smart contract address.
  • Core Developers - 20% created during the Contribution Period will be allocated to Hicky Core Developers.
  • Platform  - 10% will be used for platform operations and updates.
  • Advisors - 5% is allocated for Advisors.
  • Marketing - 5% will be used for marketing of the network.

Hicky DAPP Strengths

  • Hicky solves a problem in the dating industry

    • Lack of trust From the whitepaper: “ the drawbacks of anonymity include fraud and trolling.“ What this means is that there are a lot of fake accounts on applications like Tinder.
    • Privacy: Your personal information and messages are NOT owned by the company but you.
  • Team: Strong list of experts from Dating and Blockchain industry.
  • Product: MVP is available (None of the blockchain competitors have a running DAPP)
  • Communication: Fast response by the founders.
  • Token metrics : Bonuses do not exceed 10%; 60% of tokens for public sale; locks for team’s and advisors tokens
  • Marketing: 1.8 million USD allocated
  • Roadmap: to be completed by the end of 2018
  • Market cap: project is likely to undersell.  Let’s say that Hicky in the future becomes around ⅙ of Tinder’s size (valued at 2 billion), that is a value of around 333 million. This would mean that buying at the normal ICO price could give 10x - 100x ROI .

    If Hicky is better than Tinder though (and there are reasons it could be), then this would be an amazing investment opportunity. Note: The lower the amount they raise, the better the investment.

Hicky DAPP Weaknesses

  • Soft cap: They used soft-cap in Hicky tokens which scared many investors off initiall
  • Community

    • medium size group on telegram (9100 members) and moderate activity on reddit
    • hard hit in crypto community inQ1 of 2018

Hicky DAPP Opportunities

  • Users are rewarded for using the platform
  • Each user owns his/her personal content, not the company.

    There are no blockchain companies on the dating market yet with running software.

Hicky DAPP Threats

  • There are mature competitors in the industry

    • Tinder - non blockchain, biggest company in the industry, problems with fake accounts

      “ In July 2015, Bank of America Merrill Lynch valued Tinder at $1.35 billion, based upon an estimate of $27 per user on an estimated user base of 50 million.” By today we can estimate that Tinder is somewhere around $ 2 billion dollar valuation.

    • Luna - “Blockchain Optimized dating” (blockchain ICO). Luna has no telegram channel listed on it’s website.
    • Viola - (blockchain ICO) “ another blockchain marketplace for dating, courtship & marriage”

      Viola has 7 000 members in their telegram group

Hicky DAPP Summary

Hicky DAPP has strong founding team. The industry in question does not have any other blockchain based competitor and industry has a strong blockchain fit within. If Hicky team solves the weakness of the current dating sites, with fake profiles and empowering every user to own his own private data, then this project could really take off.

To sum up my Hicky DAPP review, I would rate Hicky 4.6/5.00 in my opinion. If they sell below 30 mln HKY tokens, I would look into buying more HKY tokens as it is likely to have great ROI potential.


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