Here is how local MPs can stop Brexit

30 June, AtoZForex – If you think everything is over with the Brexit vote, you might be far from the truth. Let’s get further from what “people say” and base on facts. You have probably heard already, that  the law which was passed last year to organize the EU referendum says nothing about the final result being binding or having any legal power.

Before the real Brexit can be triggered, The Parliament has to cancel the European Communities Act from 1972, by which the UK became officially a member of the EU previously. Having in mind all the challenges the country is facing right now and more to come, some say there is still a hope and that hope is on members of the UK Parliament. Here is how local MPs can stop Brexit from happening.

Democracy or tyranny of the majority?

If we look into history, it was a Parliament who voted to become a member of the EU. Now after the UK EU referendum, the majority thinks that government can trigger the process by simply activating the article 50. That’s not quite right. The article 50 states:

“Any member state may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.”

Historically the Great Britain’s most constitutional requirement is the approval of the Parliament. Moreover, if we look at the root of things, the democracy is not really about referendums. The decision-making role belongs to the representatives elected by people, not to people themselves. Otherwise, democracy would simply mean the tyranny of the majority and decision’s related to the whole country could be taken with a very little difference in the number of votes. Just like it happened with Brexit.

Democracy more means a government elected by people, which is subject to specific checks as well as to common law and courts and a Parliament, whose members have to vote by conscience and common sense.

Surely, many countries have legislations related to change by referendum. However, those provisions are carefully restricted and clarified and do not allow a random change by the simple majority. For example, an Australian legislation requires a referendum proposal to pass in the majority of its six states as in the whole country. Such condition would prevent Brexit as Northern Ireland and Scotland voted against. Meanwhile, in the UK the results of the referendum are advisory.

Local MPs can stop Brexit: Really?

Why the MPs though? Common people tried to rally for another referendum, signing the petition on last Friday which went viral and received a million signatures a day. However, David Cameron ruled out the possibility of the second referendum on Tuesday during his speech in the House of Commons.

So now in November, when it’s time to decide, the MPs of London and Scotland along with Labour MPs will vote against due to the decision of their constituents and their own policies. It depends on what other local Members of Parliament rise their hands to.

As we already see tremendously challenging situation Britain is trapped in, there might as well appear more reasons for MPs to vote “Remain”. Pound have crashed, the country is split in half  in disagreement, UK’s credit rating is downgraded and around million of the voters are already regretting their decision. Also, if by any bad luck the Trump will win the elections, the European Union will have to be stronger than ever. The local MPs have to be lobbied by citizens to vote against the government when it tries to make Brexit happen in autumn. So, the conclusion is: yes, the local MP’s can stop Brexit.

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