Hackers Steal $45,000 XSN Coins from Cryptopia Exchange Cold Wallets

The Cryptopia exchange has reportedly been hacked again, and $45,000 in the XSN cryptocurrency had been transferred out of its cold wallet.
February 22, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Hackers continue to steal crypto assets from users of the Cryptopia exchange, which is in the process of being liquidated. XSN coins worth $45,000 were stolen from an alleged cold wallet, according to a Stuff report.

In January 2019, hackers attacked the Cryptopia exchange, as a result of which they managed to steal $16 million worth of crypto assets. Late last year, Grant Thornton, which liquidates the closed Cryptopia exchange, began accepting claims from affected users for damages.

Cryptopia exchange gets hacked again

Despite the fact that the trading floor is no longer working, unknown people still manage to move assets from it. According to local media reports, US firm Stakenet, which was Cryptopia's lender, received a notice that $45,000 XSN coins were transferred from its cold wallet on February 1.

Stakenet suffered no losses during the 2019 hack, so the firm's management hoped to recover all of its assets. The wallet contained $1.97 million worth of crypto assets. This wallet was never used after the Cryptopia hack. Liquidator Grant Thornton said the transaction was not authorized and has already launched an investigation into the incident. Stakenet demanded an explanation from Grant Thornton why the company failed to protect users' funds by allowing an unauthorized transaction. This means that someone was able to access the funds again.

According to Crypto Wisser, 75 crypto exchanges have been forced to close since the beginning of 2020. The reasons are completely different: internal problems, hacker attacks, and even fraud of the founders.

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