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Varoufakis: Greece creditors proposal is a coup d’état

Varoufakis: Greece creditors proposal is a coup d’état

tsipras, varoufakis15 July, AtoZForex .com Lagos  The Greek deal reached will bring with it measures like VAT reform, spending cuts, a pensions overhaul and €50bn in privatization. A package seen to be worse than the initial proposal Greeks voted no to, and has been dubbed as “a new Treaty of Versaille, and a coup d’état which used banks instead of tanks” by Varoufakis.

Former Finance minster, Yanis Varoufakis who is never shy of airing his views has again lamented that these measures are a disappointment to Syriza party, and will likely strengthen the far right. He said to ABC that the far-right Golden Dawn party could “inherit the mantle of the anti-austerity drive, tragically”. A drive which used to be the core value of the Syriza party.

“If our party Syriza, that has cultivated so much hope in Greece – to the extent that we managed to score 61.5% in the recent referendum – if we betray this hope and if we bow our heads to this new form of postmodern occupation, then I cannot see any other possible outcome than the further strengthening of Golden Dawn,” Varoufakis said. Also speaking about his opinion on Tsipras, he said Prime minister “didn’t have what it took, sentimentally, emotionally, at that moment, to carry that no vote to Europe and use it as a weapon,” said Varoufakis.

“So I … decided to give him the leeway that he needs to go back to Brussels and strike what he knows to be an impossible deal. A deal that is simply not viable.” He also opined that Germany is the mastermind behind the Greece negotiation hardship, accusing the German finance minister of being “the director of a very well-tuned orchestra”.

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Further expressing his pain, he said he had not expected a no vote, and suggested neither had Tsipras. I had assumed, and I believe so had the prime minister, that our support and the no vote would fade exponentially, but the Greek people overcame fear, they set aside their pecuniary interests, they ignored the fact their savings could not be accessed, and they gave a resounding, majestic no to what was in the end an awful ultimatum on behalf of our European partners,” Varoufakis said. Concluding that this is indeed the politics of humiliation on a different scale.

The Greece creditors proposal will now be presented to the Greek parliament latter today as Tsipras has a very difficult job of convincing the parliament.


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